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End Jew Hatred (also known as #EndJewHatred and EJH) is an international network of activists and supporters that aims to eliminate hatred of Jewish people from Western culture and establish justice for the Jewish people. EJH uses peaceful direct action and education in an effort to liberate Jewish people from oppression and discrimination. 1 End Jew Hatred also seeks to empower Jews with the strength and positivity to discover and enjoy their Jewish heritage without fear of persecution or attack. 2

End Jew Hatred was launched in 2020 as a project of the Lawfare Project, a public interest law firm that aims to protect the civil and human rights of the Jewish people. 3


End Jew Hatred states that the hatred of the Jewish people is systemic and structural and has been a part of European and American society for millennia. EJH aims to liberate Jews from persecution and discrimination and demands that hatred towards Jews be treated the same as hatred or violence against other demographic groups including women, minorities, and LGBT people. End Jew Hatred states that through the efforts of civil rights activists, discrimination and oppression against women and minority groups is no longer tolerated by society, and it demands that the eradication of Jew hatred be handled in a similar manner. End Jew Hatred wants recognition of the historical victimhood and minority status of the Jewish people along with lawful protections of Jewish people’s civil and human rights. 4

End Jew Hatred also demands that there be legal and societal consequences for those who practice hate against Jews. EJW seeks to “decolonize” Jewish identity, stating that Jewish culture has long been defined by Christian and Islamic views filled with hate and oppression. In doing so, End Jew Hatred hopes to reclaim the narrative of the Jewish people and liberate them from second class status while expressing an authentic Jewish culture. EJH demands that corrupt foreign influence be removed from college campuses by denying Jew hating activists and faculty, who may be funded by foreign powers, the ability to continue to spread hate. 5

End Jew Hatred encourages it supporters to host End Jew Hatred rallies and protests in locations around the world, whether in response to specific Jew-hatred incidents or Jew-hatred in general. EJH has created the hashtag #EndJewHatred to promote these events on social media and provides organizers with tools and tips to host a successful rally. 6

End Jew Hatred Day

End Jew Hatred has labelled April 29 as #EndJewHatred Day, with support from both Democratic and Republican lawmakers. The intention of #EndJewHatred Day is to create a day of pride, unity, and solidarity with the Jewish community. To date, #EndJewHatred Day has garnered bipartisan support and proclamations, resolutions, or citations have been issued by the New York City Council, the City Council and mayor of Las Vegas, the Southfield Michigan City Council, the Michigan State Senate, and the mayor of Gladwin, Michigan. 7


End Jew Hatred is funded by donations from individuals, foundations, and businesses through the Lawfare Project. While the Lawfare Project and EJH do not disclose their donors, tax filings confirm a donation from the Snider Foundation ($375,000 in 2023). 8


Brooke Goldstein is the founder of End Jew Hatred, the executive director and founder of the Lawfare Project, and the author of End Jew Hatred: A Manual for Mobilization. End Jew Hatred argues that by championing the Jewish cause as a minority rights issue, the Jewish people can affect lasting change. 9 End Jew Hatred names Jews as the most persecuted community and advocates for grassroots mobilization, direct action, and legal activism to end what it describes as the world’s oldest hatred. 10

Samantha Ferszt is a project manager at End Jew Hatred and a former sergeant of war room operations for the Israel Defense Forces. 11


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