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Josh Kanter Wealth Advisory Services is a small financial consulting firm founded and operated by Josh Kanter, a left-leaning wealth advisor, attorney, and donor who uses his inherited family fortune to fund a variety of left-leaning causes, groups, and Democratic campaigns. The firm is one of multiple investment-related firms that Kanter has founded, and he uses the firm to provide clients with advice on managing generational wealth touting his experience as a lawyer for his family’s estate following his father’s death. 1

Kanter established a second home in Utah and quickly became very involved in promoting left-leaning causes in the state. Kanter is the founder of the Alliance for a Better Utah, a left-of-center advocacy group that promotes a variety of left-leaning state policies and conducts opposition research targeting Republican officeholders in Utah. Kanter is also a member of the left-leaning funding collaborate the Democracy Alliance. 2


Josh Kanter founded Josh Kanter Wealth Advisory Services in 2019 and the firm promotes consulting and advisory services for clients managing multi-generational wealth. Kanter touts his experience in his own family’s family office and estate planning and offers services that include setting up a family office, trust, estate, and tax planning, risk mitigation, and philanthropy consulting. 3


Josh Kanter is the son of the late Burt Kanter, who amassed a personal fortune while working as a tax attorney to celebrities and billionaires. Among Burt Kanter’s most notable clients were Chicago’s Pritzker family, a family made up of the heirs to the Hyatt hotel chain which includes notable Democratic donors and politicians such as Obama Administration Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker (D). 4

Burt Kanter was allegedly deeply associated with Castle Bank and Trust, a scandal-plagued Bahamas-based bank that was ultimately shut down amid allegations that it was used for tax evasion for wealthy families and organized crime members; the bank was also reportedly used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to funnel money towards covert operations. Burt Kanter was acquitted on tax evasion charges stemming from Castle Bank and Trust in 1977, while his law partner was convicted on similar charges. 5 6 7

Josh Kanter was raised in Chicago and completed undergraduate studies at Emory University before following in his father’s footsteps and graduating from the University of Chicago Law School in 1987. Following law school, Kanter began working in real estate, corporate, and securities law at Chicago-based law firm Barack Ferrazzano. In 1999, he began working as counsel for the firm until he left the firm in 2020. 8

Kanter’s most notable case as an attorney was the handling of his own family’s estate following his father’s death which involved several disputes with the IRS causing the ensuing litigation to be elevated to the U.S. Supreme Court. Kanter touts his handling of his family’s case in his promotion of Josh Kanter Wealth Advisory Services. 9 10


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