Meg Gage


Founder and Former President, Proteus Fund

Founder, Peace Development Fund

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Margaret “Meg” Gage is a retired political activist and nonprofit executive. Gage is the founder of the Proteus Fund, a major funding and fiscal sponsorship nonprofit she ran from 1994 to her retirement in 2016. In 1981, Gage founded the Peace Development Fund, a center-left grantmaking group she ran until 1992. From 1992 to 1999, Gage was executive director of the Ottinger Foundation, a center-left funder. Gage is an advisory board member for ReThink Media, a nonprofit public relations group. 1


  1. “Advisory Board.” ReThink Media. Accessed July 1, 2019

Connected Organizations

  1. Ottinger Foundation (Non-profit)
    Former Executive Director (1992-1999)
  2. Peace Development Fund (Non-profit)
    Founder and Former Executive Director (1981-1992)
  3. Proteus Action League (PAL) (Non-profit)
    Founder and Former President (2008-2016)
  4. Proteus Fund (Non-profit)
    Founder and Former President (1992-2016)
  5. ReThink Media (Non-profit)
    Advisory Board Member
  6. Voter Engagement Evaluation Project (VEEP) (Non-profit)
    Report Author
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