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  • Political Party/527

    Seed the Vote

    Seed the Vote is a left-leaning Berkeley, California-based organization that assists left-of-center candidates and was formed to defeat President Donald Trump. While focusing on campaign efforts in swing states, over 80 percent of its volunteers come from California and New York. Seed the Vote partners with left-leaning organizations to
  • Person

    Ryan Macias

    Ryan Macias is an election technology and cybersecurity expert and former election technology specialist with the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and California Secretary of State’s office. Macias has worked with various states on election technology and observed ballot recounts. Macias was an observer for the Secretary of State in the
  • Political Party/527

    Michigan Action

    Michigan Action is a now-defunct Political Action Committee (PAC) that was formed in August 2020 as part of the Detroit Action group of activist entities. During its short existence, it raised over $1 million to oppose then-President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and to support Democratic candidates in Michigan and Georgia.
  • Non-profit

    New American Voters

    New American Voters (NAV) is a left-of-center activist group which pushes for granting citizenship to the 9 million or more non-citizen immigrants in the United States, claiming that they are eligible for naturalization, and for registering new citizens to vote. NAV connects immigrants to legal services and organizes activism campaigns
  • Other Group

    Code Blue Washington

    Code Blue Washington is a left-of-center get-out-the-vote-organization based in Seattle, Washington. It is a chapter of the organization Code Blue. The organization was founded in 2017 in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. The organization works to elect Democrats across
  • Government Agency

    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

    Known as the Bureau of Investigation until 1935, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was created within the Department of Justice in 1908, in defiance of a prior refusal by Congress to fund it. One lawmaker had predicted that the Bureau would become a “central police or spy system
  • Political Party/527

    Grassroots Law PAC

    Grassroots Law PAC is a left-of-center hybrid PAC/Super PAC 1 that was originally founded by political activist Lee Merritt and Black Lives Matter movement activist
  • Political Party/527

    Everyday People PAC

    Everyday People PAC is a left-of-center political action committee based in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was founded with the purpose of defeating then-President Donald Trump in the 2020 election and has continued with the goal of defeating the right and building the left. Seed the Vote is the
  • Political Party/527

    Southern Progress Fund

    The Southern Progress Fund works to elect left-of-center statewide and state legislative candidates in the South. The Southern Progress Fund initially had support of the Democracy Alliance and was chaired by former Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove (D). After involvement in some races in the South in 2013-2014, the
  • Other Group


    TurboVote is a software program that assists various communities, particularly colleges and corporations, with voter registration. TurboVote is a project of left-leaning advocacy group Democracy Works and has been contracted by major colleges and universities across the United States to conduct school-sponsored voter registration drives. It has also partnered
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    Rachel Kleinfeld

    Rachel Kleinfeld is a senior fellow in the Democracy, Conflict, and Governance program of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Previously, she was the co-founder and CEO of the center-left foreign policy group Truman National Security Project. Kleinfeld published an article in July 2022 for the left-of-center website
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    Rebecca Green

    Rebecca Green is an associate professor of law and co-director of the Election Law Program at the William and Mary Law School in Williamsburg, Virginia. She is an expert on election law and frequently is sought out by the media and others to comment on the issue. In the aftermath
  • Political Party/527

    Grassroots Democrats HQ

    Grassroots Democrats HQ is a California-based political action committee that works to elect Democratic federal and state candidates. It is associated with Field Team 6, a multi-state Democratic get-out-the-vote organization.
  • Other Group

    Healthy Democracy Healthy People Initiative

    Healthy Democracy Healthy People Initiative (previously known as VoteSAFE Public Health) is a coalition of roughly a dozen public health, health care advocacy, civic engagement, and medical organizations to influence policymakers and influence the politics of public health and the handling of elections. The Initiative sought to introduce novel election
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    Terry Ao Minnis

    Terry Ao Minnis is the senior director of the census and voting programs for Asian Americans Advancing Justice—Asian American Justice Center (AAJC), and a left-of-center activist on voting issues and the U.S. Census. At AAJC, Minnis directs programs relating to the U.S. Census and voting rights. She was part
  • Political Party/527

    They See Blue

    They See Blue is a get-out-the vote organization formed to drive Democratic party voter turnout among Americans of South Asian descent. The organization was formed in 2018 in California and established a national presence ahead of the 2020 presidential election with chapters in key swing states, including Georgia and Pennsylvania.
  • For-profit

    Sojourn Strategies

    Sojourn Strategies is a political consulting firm that works with left-of-center social policy campaigns, left-progressive nonprofits, and research groups. It was founded by criminal justice activist and former professor Katrina L. Gamble. 1 The firm
  • Other Group

    Institute for Responsive Government (IRG)

    Institute for Responsive Government (IRG) is a policy think tank that purports to seek to improve government effectiveness and correct bureaucratic inefficiency. It is a fiscally-sponsored project of New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit managed by consulting company Arabella Advisors that makes grants to left-of-center organizations.
  • For-profit

    Campaign Sidekick LLC

    Campaign Sidekick LLC, also known as Sidekick, is a campaign vendor that provides voter outreach databases and software. According to Sidekick chief executive officer Drew Ryun, he started the firm to address issues he encountered while working on campaigns during the 2002 primary election season.
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    Kate Shaw

    Kate Shaw is a professor at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University and a left-of-center political commentator. She frequently comments on legal and election-related issues. In addition to being a law professor, Shaw is a legal analyst for ABC News. She is also the co-host of the