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Social Good Fund


Dustin Gibson and Hafidha Acuay

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PeoplesHub is a left-of-center, critical race theory-aligned networking and training organization fiscally sponsored by the Social Good Fund.


PeoplesHub is a digital networking and training organization  fiscally sponsored by the Social Good Fund, a left-of-center nonprofit and donor-advised fund provider based in Richmond, California, that fiscally sponsors aligned organizations. Social Good Fund also sponsors the Climate Disobedience Center, Turnout Nation, CorpWatch, and the Marsha P. Johnson Institute. 1 2 3

PeoplesHub espouses critical race theory-aligned aims, such as “Dismantling the Global Far Right” through its offering of online trainings and workshops. 4


Trainings and Workshops

Examples of trainings and workshops that PeoplesHub has offered in the past include a course on opposing supposed “COVID denialism,” a workshop on how to counter critics of critical race theory and transgender surgery, a course on “cultivating indigenous African cosmologies” to combat “ableism,” and a clinic covering “Marxism for Activists and Organizers.” 5

Organizations that have used PeoplesHub’s trainings and workshops include the AFL-CIO, Allied Media Conference, Post-Landfill Action Network, Humanity United, Laundromat Project, Creative Wildfire, Third Wave Fund, Borealis Philanthropy, Palestine Legal, National Women’s Law Center, Center for Cultural Power, and Rouge Climate. 6


PeoplesHub offers an eight-month Arts and Social Justice Fellowship to aligned activists in which participants partake in a digital residency, network with other fellows, and engage in the organization’s trainings workshops. 7


In 2023, PeoplesHub published a digital magazine highlighting its organizational accomplishments as well as its fellows’ art, poetry, and projects in development. One feature describes PeoplesHub fellow Sharif Zakout’s play, a two-act musical set in San Fransisco about the harms and limits of liberalism. 8


Dustin Gibson is the co-director of PeoplesHub, as a peer support trainer with Disability Link, and a member of the board of directors for Straight Ahead and HEARD. Additionally, Gibson is a founding member of the Harriet Tubman Collective, US Protecting US, and the Policing in Allegheny County Committee. Formerly, he was PeoplesHub’s director of Access, Disability and Language Justice, and an organizer with the Centers for Independent Living. 9 10

Hafidha Acuay is the co-director of Peoples Hub as well as a board member of the Open Collective Foundation and the Bronze Chapter. Previously, she worked in program support at Families of Color Seattle. 11

Cheyenna Weber is the senior project specialist of PeoplesHub as well as the co-founder of the Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City, SolidarityNYC, the New Economy Coalition, and the Manna-hatta Fund. 12

Kareen Coyoca is the program administrator for PeoplesHub as well as a volunteer with the Filipino Migrant Center. 13


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