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Jewish World Watch (JWW)

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Jewish World Watch (JWW) is a nonprofit that works with survivors of mass atrocities and strives to cultivate interfaith relationships. As of late April 2024, its initiatives focused on the Uyghur genocide, protecting a “fragile peace” in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, and supporting human rights for the Rohingya in Myanmar and Bangladesh, among other issues. 1


Jewish World Watch is a nonprofit that works with survivors of mass atrocities and strives to cultivate interfaith relationships through a three-pronged approach that entails education, advocacy, and empowerment. 2 The group works in East Turkestan/Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region with the Uyghurs; the Democratic Republic of the Congo with civilians, particularly children and child soldiers; Myanmar and Bangladesh with the Rohingya; Sudan and Chad with Darfuris and South Sudanese; Ethiopia with the Tigray; and Ukraine. 3


In April 2024, Jewish World Watch promoted an “emergency” letter to President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken urging them to take action in light of Azerbaijan besieging Nagorno-Karabakh. Its top initiatives also included attempting to end the Uyghur genocide, promoting peace and supply access in Tigray, and supporting Rohingya human rights. 4

JWW has partnered with the International Rescue Committee and the International Medical Corps on its African projects. 5 Its membership consists of several southern California-based synagogues. 6

JWW works with Jewish teenagers around the time of their Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah to connect their ceremonies to JWW’s advocacy efforts. The organization also has a Teen Ambassador Program. The group plans to launch JDubU, an advocacy program on five California college campuses. 7


In 2022, Jewish World Watch reported revenue of $1,116,272 and expenses of $1,362,724. 8

JWW has received donations of tens of thousands of dollars from the Vladimir And Araxia Buckhantz Foundation for several years 9 and received $61,500 from the left-of-center National Philanthropic Trust in 2021. 10

The group has also received smaller donations from the American Endowment Foundation  and the Beverly Hills Rotary Community Foundation in 2021. 11 12


Jill Hoyt is the interim executive director of Jewish World Watch. She was previously foreign media spokesperson for the mayor of Jerusalem. 13

Tammy Gilden is director of advocacy and strategic growth. She previously worked for the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and prior to that was an aide to U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). She was a field organizer for President Barack Obama‘s campaigns in Florida in 2012) and Nevada in 2008. 14

Serena Zeise Oberstein is executive director of JWW. Oberstein ran for Los Angeles City Council to represent District 12, losing in the primary on March 5, 2024. 15

According to tax forms, Diana Buckhantz and Jane Z. Cohen are co-chairwomen. Daniel Heyman is treasurer, Vaughan Meyer is secretary and Diane Kabat, Janice Kamenir Reznik, Jim Zukin, Stuart Gabriel, Tamar Benzaken Koosed, Zev Yaroslavsky and Carrie Chassin are all directors. 16


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