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All Out DC is an umbrella organization formed in response to the 2017 inauguration of President Donald Trump, in order to connect radical-left activist groups and strengthen local organizing. 1 Observers have connected the organization to the extremist “Antifa” movement,2 and an announcement for a 2019 All Out DC demonstration appeared on the Antifa-aligned website It’s Going Down. 3

The group was the main organizer of the “Stop the Alt-Right” rally that took place on July 6, 2019, which was organized along with other radical-left groups to protest far-right activists’ “Demand Free Speech Freedom Rally” using the hashtag #AllOutDC. The Washington Post reported that protesters included Antifa activists; the Post alleged that police blamed the Antifa activists for violence during the 2017 inauguration of President Donald Trump. 4

All Out DC has also been associated with a poster campaign that allegedly released personal information of controversial nationalist Fox News host Tucker Carlson5 and the “Shut Down DC” radical environmentalist demonstrations held in September 2019. 6

Associated Organizations

  • Action Network (non-profit)
  • Black Lives Matter DC (other group)
  • Block the Wall Network (other group)
  • D.C. United Against Hate (other group)
  • Frederick Socialists (other group)
  • ItsGoingDown.org (It’s Going Down) (other group)
  • Keep DC 4 Me (other group)
  • Libertarian Socialist Caucus of the Metro DC (other group)
  • March for Racial Justice (Movement)
  • Occupy Wall Street (other group)
  • Occupy Washington DC (Other group)
  • One People’s Project (non-profit)
  • Resist This (other group)
  • Rising Tide North America (non-profit)
  • Sanctuary DMV (other group)
  • Smash Racism DC (other group)
  • Socialist Alternative DC (other group)
  • Voices Without Borders (Voces Sin Fronteras)

Supported Movements


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Supported Movements

  1. Shut Down DC
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