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Trans United Fund is a lobbying group that endorses transgender and pro-transgender-interests candidates for public office. Trans United Fund mainly makes endorsements of transgender candidates and candidates who promise to pass legislation supportive of transgender activism. Candidates are primarily endorsed for local elections, although the group has expressed the eventual goal of endorsing in federal and presidential elections. The organization engages in activism with LGBT issues overall, although efforts are primarily focused on transgenderism and its place in the Democratic party platform. 1


Trans United was founded 13 days before Chicago’s April 2018 municipal elections. 2 Shortly thereafter, it raised $26,000 and donated to another super PAC under Kim Cavill, which used the funds to start Parents and Neighbors for Quality Education. The initiative was created to fund candidates for school boards who would rule against privacy protections in public school locker rooms and restrooms. 3

On April 24, 2018, Trans United Fund held a fundraising event in Washington D.C. for “possible contributions” for elections to the Council of the District of Columbia. It raised $2,000. 4

Transgender Activism

Vice chair of Trans United Fund board Alison Gill endorsed guidelines from the Obama-era Department of Health and Human Services in early 2016 allowing public school students to use bathrooms and join sports teams of the opposite genetic sex. 5

Founder and former executive director Hayden Mora has been vocal about making the Democratic Party platform adopt more radical left-wing policies, especially for the funding and legislation of LGBT-interest policies. Mora argued that the Democratic National Committee should “strengthen the language further” as it relates to the political platform. 6

Trans United Fund organized a fundraising campaign for Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez’s legal strategy in their allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. 7

Trans United Fund contributed to a publication by Human Rights Campaign titled “Safer Sex for Trans Bodies.” 8

Trans United Fund created an attack ad against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) after Cruz’s campaign created an advertisement advocating for protecting children against bathroom policies allowing people of the opposite sex to enter public restrooms. 9 10

Board member Alexandra Halaby condemned LGBT supporter Mario Lopez for statements made about raising transgender children. Halaby noted Lopez’s support of the LGBT movement while condemning his statement. 11

Organizing director David Pope condemned Philadelphia City Councilman David Oh (R-At Large) for sharing an article on Facebook that explained the danger of transgender surgeries. 12

Board member Monica Roberts criticized New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) for failing to pass GENDA, a radical gender identity bill. 13

Jess Herbst, the mayor of New Hope, Texas, is on the advisory board. Herbst identifies as transgender. 14

Trans United Fund was a 2019 Women’s March sponsor. 15


In early 2018, Trans United Fund reported endorsing 14 candidates, primarily in local races. 16

On March 31, 2019, Deja Lynn Alvarez was endorsed for Philadelphia City Council. 17

Alexandra Chandler was endorsed by Trans United Fund in a bid for Democratic nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 3rd Congressional district of Massachusetts in the 2018 election. Chandler was defeated. 18 19

Trans United Fund funded the campaigns for transgender candidates Andrea Jenkins (D-Ward 8) and Phillipe Cunningham (D-Ward 4) for Minneapolis City Council in 2017. Both candidates won their respective races. 20

Trans United Fund helped organize the campaign to elect left-wing candidate Danica Roem (D-Prince William) for the 13th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. Roem, who is transgender, campaigned for a Virginia law bill that would allow genetic males who identify as women into women’s bathrooms. 21

Trans United Fund endorsed Randy Bryce (D) for Wisconsin’s first congressional district. 22

Trans United Fund endorsed Cynthia Nixon (D) in the race for New York Governor. It also endorsed Nixon’s running mate Jumaane Williams (D) for Lt. Governor. Nixon was known for criticizing Governor Andrew Cuomo for failing to condemn other Democrats who work on bipartisan caucuses, especially that prevented the advancement LGBT-related legislation. 23

Trans United Fund assisted in campaign coordination for what resulted in two losing campaigns for Jeremiah Lowery and Ed Lazere. Lazere is a member of the Washington, D.C. chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. 24

Christine Hallquist (D) was endorsed by Trans United Fund as the first openly transgender major-party nominee in a gubernatorial race. Hallquist lost the race for governor of Vermont. 25 26

Kristen Browde was endorsed by Trans United Fund in his race for the 93rd district of the New Yrok Assembly. 27 28

Trans United Fund created “The Make It First Campaign” which focused on nominating candidates based on their self-identification as transgender. 29

Trans United specifically targeted three races involving candidates backed by the social-conservative Alliance Defending Freedom. Every Trans United-backed candidate running for school board in their respective districts won their seat. 30

Trans United Fund board member LaSaia Wade alleged that candidates opposing policies endorsed by Trans United Fund would result in the bullying of students who identify as “LGBT” should those candidates win. 31


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