Ragtag Volunteers Community and Education Fund

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Ragtag Volunteers Community and Education Fund is the sister-group of Ragtag, an consisting of tech and legal experts who volunteer to provide technical services to left-of-center advocacy groups.


Ragtag Volunteers Community and Education Fund has no website, and no public disclosures are available on the IRS website as of early 2022. Ragtag’s website has a page which solicits donations to Ragtag, but notes that Ragtag is an LLC and therefore donations are not tax-deductible. For tax-deductible donations, Ragtag links to an ActBlue page which solicits donations for the Fund. The legal structure of the Fund is unknown. 1 2


Ragtag has built websites for numerous left-of-center groups involved in advocacy, get-out-the-vote campaigns, and elections. Organizations go through an evaluation process before Ragtag commits its resources for support. 3

Clients have included the National Democratic Training Committee, Swing Left, ACLU Massachusetts, New Left Accelerator, Fair Districts GA, March On, Fight for the Future, Planned Parenthood, Spread the Vote, Indivisible, Sister District Project, Run for Something, Lawyers for Good Government, March for Our Lives, Pot Cards to Voters, Action Together Network, The Arena, Resistance School, Progcode, Wall-of-Us, Resistance Manual, InsightUS, Empowered to Run, Fight for the Future, Alliance for Change, DigiDems, Rock the Congress, and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice. 4 5


In 2019, the Natembea Foundation gave $2,000 to the Tides Foundation which was then passed along to the Ragtag Volunteers Community and Education Fund. 6


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