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Kevin Connor

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The Public Accountability Initiative is a left-of-center research organization that publishes reports on the lobbying relationships between businesses and politicians, particularly with regards to the conventional energy industry.

Its central project is, a left-of-center database that complies the interpersonal relationships of political and business figures, especially if they support center-right or right-of-center causes.

It was funded in its early years by the Sunlight Foundation, a left-of-center government transparency group that incubated projects through its now-closed Sunlight Labs division. 1 The group’s executive director, Kevin Connor, previously worked for the 1199SEIU labor union,2 which has been characterized as “the union that rules New York.” 3


The Public Accountability Initiative was founded in early 2009 with the help of the left-of-center “transparency” group Sunlight Foundation. 4 It launched with its inaugural project, the database under the leadership of executive director Kevin Connor, who, as of October 2019, still holds that position. 5

Since its inception, it has mainly reported on what it views to be negative influence from the conventional energy industry and Wall Street, such as reports on energy company contributions to Presidential candidates and on major banks. 6

Present Activities

Though it researches on the national level, much of its reporting work centers on New York and its surrounding metropolitan area. One of its first reports, for example, targeted the University of Buffalo’s Shale Resources and Society Institute over a fracking dispute. 7

It frequently critiques Republicans and so-called “Centrist Democrats” for aligning with business interests on issues like the Green New Deal, immigration, and various aspects of the conventional energy industry. 8

In addition to the reports posted on its own site, the Public Accountability Initiative runs the project. 9 is a left-of-center database that tracks political relationships and campaign donations. LittleSis is hosted on the Initiative’s “Eyes on the Ties” website; instead of the research work that the Public Accountability Initiative does on its main site, Eyes on the Ties focuses on current events reporting. 10

The Initiative also offers its “Map the Power” toolkit and assorted trainings, designed to foster new “activist-researchers” and journalists. 11


The executive director of the Public Accountability Initiative is Kevin Connor, who draws a salary of $64,841. He is the only paid member of the organization. Prior to founding the Public Accountability Initiative, he worked as a researcher for the powerful left-wing 1199SEIU labor union in New York. 12


The Public Accountability Initiative’s most recent publicly available filings show total revenues of $695,742 and total expenses of $129,581.

Some of its major supporters include left-of-center private foundations like the 11th Hour Project and the Arca Foundation, as well as the American Federation of Teachers government worker union. 13


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