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Andy Moore

People Not Politicians (PNP) is a left-of-center advocacy group that opposes gerrymandering in Oklahoma. It is a project of two Oklahoma-based political education nonprofits: Let’s Fix This and the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma.

Executive director Andy Moore is also the founder and executive director of Let’s Fix This; the executive director of Freedom of Information Oklahoma, a state-level watchdog; and a co-founder of Consumer Focus USA, a consulting company specializing in customer preferences. [1]


On October 28, Politicians Not People launched a state-wide initiative, Initiative Petition 804, to form a “citizen-led, independent commission to determine all redistricting decisions” for the 2020 census. [2] As of 2020, Oklahoma’s redistricting process is entirely controlled by the state legislature subject to a gubernatorial veto;[3] partisan control of the state is such that the process is controlled by Republicans. [4] PNP needed to get 177,958 voter signatures in 90 days to put the petition on the November 2020 ballot. [5] Starting in October 2019, PNP held townhall events across the state to raise awareness and collect signatures. [6]

Critics of the petition say that it makes the redistricting process more complicated and less responsive to voter input. State House Speaker Charles McCall (R-Atoka) called the initiative a “solution in search of a problem.” Other critics say the petition is an attempt by Democrats to seize control of the state-legislature through their own gerrymandering. [7]

On February 4, 2020, the petition was struck down by the Oklahoma Supreme Court for its lack of clarity. [8] On February 7, PNP refilled its petition, but it was immediately challenged by the law firm GableGotwals, which has ties to the Republican Party,[9][10] with two lawsuits, one of which says the petition is still unclear in its objectives, and the other claiming the petition is unconstitutional. [11]


In 2019, Politicians not People received $250,000 from Unite America. [12] Kathryn Murdoch, the liberal daughter-in-law of right-leaning media mogul Rupert Murdoch, co-chairs and funded Unite America. [13] The organization has donated to many state-level electoral advocacy nonprofits: In September 2019, Unite America announced donations totaling $5 million to four advocacy groups seeking state-level changes: Pennsylvanians Against Gerrymandering, Alaskans for Better Elections, Voter Choice Massachusetts, and New York-based Rank the Vote. [14]


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People Not Politicians (PNP)

Oklahoma City, OK