Kathryn Murdoch


Co-Founder and President, Quadrivium Foundation

Former Director of Strategy, Clinton Climate Initiative (2007-2011)


James Murdoch

Kathryn Murdoch is a center-left political activist. Murdoch, the daughter-in-law of Fox News co-founder Rupert Murdoch, is co-founder and president of the Quadrivium Foundation and is a board member for a number of center-left advocacy groups.

Connected Organizations

  1. Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (Non-profit)
    Former Director of Strategy & Communications, Clinton Climate Initiative (2007-2011)
  2. Climate Leadership Council (CLC) (Non-profit)
    Board Member
  3. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) (Non-profit)
    Board Member
  4. Quadrivium Foundation (Non-profit)
  5. Rockefeller University (Non-profit)
    Board of Trustees Member
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