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Minimum Wage Political Advocacy Organization

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One Fair Wage Action is the lobbying arm of One Fair Wage, a left-of-center organization that advocates for minimum wage issues, especially ending the “tip credit” that allows employers to credit employees’ tips toward meeting the statutory minimum wage. 1 The organization was formerly known as the Restaurant Opportunities Centers Action, and was a 501(c)(4) sister organization of Restaurant Opportunities Centers, one of the nation’s most prominent worker centers.

Political Advocacy

One Fair Wage Action advocates increases in mandated minimum wages in multiple forms. The organization operates as a source for people to contact their local members of Congress and send letters regarding minimum wage issues in their area. The organization also takes donations to support its efforts such as social media, advertising, and advocacy before Congress. 2

“Server for a Day” Challenge

One Fair Wage Action hosted an even in 2019 called the “Server for a Day” Challenge in which elected officials worked as servers in protest of the federal tipped credit, which allows employers to “credit” employees’ tips toward meeting the statutory minimum wage. Democratic governor of Montana and failed 2020 presidential candidate, Steve Bullock, participated in the challenge at a bar in Denver, Colorado. As governor of Montana, Bullock has a history of pushing legislation in favor of labor unions, such as a greater minimum wage and labor union aligned policy. 3


Robert S. Raymar is a litigation attorney and member of the board of directors for One Fair Wage Action. He has served as a member of the board since the organization’s founding in 2019. Raymar has also been a member of the board of directors for the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the political advocacy branch of the Center for American Progress, a D.C. think tank with longstanding ties to the Democratic Party. He also served as a member of the advisory council for the Alliance for Justice Building the Bench initiative, a project of the organization which serves as a list of prospective judicial nominees for when a Democratic Presidents. 4

Chris Cormier Maggiano is a member of the board of the directors for OFWA. He works as a strategic advisor for a number of left-of-center and liberal organizations. He previously worked for Raben Group, a left-of-center strategic advising firm which represents an extensive list of left-of-center and liberal organizations. He previously worked as a donor relations director at the Gill Foundation, an LGBT advocacy organization based in Denver, Colorado. 5


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One Fair Wage Action

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