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Assets: $112,808


Left-of-center research organization



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The Missouri Public Interest Research Group Foundation (MoPIRG Foundation) is the policy and research arm of the Missouri Public Interest Research Group lobbying group. MoPIRG Foundation promotes left-of-center policies, notably opposing carbon-free nuclear energy and to private funding of political free speech. It is a state affiliate of the US-PIRG network. 1


The Missouri Public Interest Research Group Foundation supports overturning Citizens United v. FEC, a landmark Supreme Court ruling that protected the right to political free speech through contributions to non-campaign-affiliated advocacy groups. 2

MoPIRG Foundation opposes the use of zero-carbon nuclear power plants as a form of energy production. 3 It encourages the use of weather-dependent energy sources such as wind turbines and solar farms. 4 MoPIRG supports the use of public transportation and restricting the use of private cars. 5

MoPIRG opposes many forms of modern agricultural technology, such as the application of antibiotics that farms use to ward off infectious diseases that are harmful to humans, produce, and livestock. 6 7

The MoPIRG Foundation promotes expansion of the number of Americans using government-controlled health coverage such as Medicare and Medicaid. 8


MoPIRG Foundation’s principal officer is Elana Friedman. 9

Faye Park is the president of US-PIRG. She is executive vice president of the Public Interest Network and has been involved with PIRGs since the early 1990s. 10

Ed Mierzwinski is the senior director of US-PIRG’s Federal Consumer Program. He has worked for PIRG since 1977. 11


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