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Indivisible Northern Nevada (INNV) is an informal left-of-center organization based in Reno, Nevada. It is an affiliate of the left-of-center organizing and activism network Indivisible that opposes President Donald Trump and his agenda while pushing left-of-center policies. 1

INNV supports gun control, expanded use of mail in voting, abandoning the Electoral College, elimination of carbon emissions by 2050, and abolishing immigration enforcement. 2


Indivisible Northern Nevada (INNV) is a local activist organization that is affiliated with the national Indivisible network of anti-Trump administration organizing and activism groups. It receives a name, policy guidance, policy education, a fundraising model, and press support and training for supporting Indivisible’s agenda. 3

Leveraging the resources and tools provided by Indivisible and Indivisible Civics, INNV organizes demonstrations, rallies, letter-writing efforts, email advocacy, text message blitzes, and social media campaigns along with a website and public testimony to influence federal, state, and local political leadership towards opposing President Donald Trump and driving a left-of-center agenda. 4 5 6

INNV has no professional staff or officially appointed leadership and is loosely tied to other Nevada Indivisible groups. It has 905 Facebook likes and 954 Twitter followers. 7 8 9

The group claims to be non-partisan, yet only supports positions and candidates that further their left-of-center agenda. It does not make campaign contributions but does provide endorsements. 10


Resisting and Impeaching President Donald Trump: INNV sponsored and promoted impeachment rallies in Carson City, Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Reno, Nevada in December of 2019. In January 2020 it organized a “No War” protest in Reno, NV in opposition to President Trump’s actions against Qassem Soleimani. 11 12

Health care: Activities include recruiting patients to testify and write messages in support of INNV positions and participation in roundtable discussions with U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) to support legislation to reduce the price of drugs and improved access to abortion. 13

Immigration and the judiciary: INNV describes the Supreme Court of the United States as partisan and subservient to the executive branch and attacks U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) enforcement efforts. 14

Fair Democracy: INNV seeks easing of voter registration processes, voting by mail, casting Electoral College votes for the national popular vote winner, and expanded early voting. “A Citizen’s Report on Election Security in Nevada and the Nation” was published by INNV that advocates for new voting machines and paper ballots. 15

Gun Control: INNV is currently seeking input from the public that will help formulate a gun control agenda. 16

Environmentalism: INNV seeks a 100% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050. 17


Indivisible Northern Nevada (INNV) is funded by donations (via ActBlue, a Democratic Party-aligned small donation processor and accumulator) and their volunteers’ personal contributions. It is not an independently registered entity and does not receive from Indivisible or Indivisible Civics, although they do provide INNV with tools and non-cash resources. 18 19


Indivisible Northern Nevada (INNV) is loosely led via co-leaders and individuals leading each of the key organization initiatives. 20

Laura Hale, a management analyst for the Department of Health and Human Services, is co-leader of Indivisible Northern Nevada. 21 22

Laynette Evans, a certified career coach and, a longtime volunteer for the Washoe County Democratic Party leads the environmentalist initiatives. 23 24

Mary Richardson, a commissioned minister in covenant for the Church of Christ, leads the voting initiative of INNV. 25

Chip Evans, a former Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives and Washoe County assessor, is co-founder of INNV and leads its gun control initiative. 26

Vivian Leal, a Democratic Party activist, leads INNV’s health care initiatives. 27

Maureen Kilkenny, a senior fellow at the National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy, leads the immigration initiative of INNV. 28


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Indivisible Northern Nevada

Reno, NV