Human Rights Advocacy Group



Executive Director:

Tania Hary

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Gisha is a human rights organization based in Israel that advocates for the freedom of movement for Palestinians within Israel as well as advocating in favor of human rights policies for Palestinians. 1


On November 3, 2023, Gisha published a “#CeasefireNow” petition on its website calling for a ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza Strip. 2 Claiming that it had been signed by over 700,000 individuals from roughly 80 countries, Gisha released the petition following Hamas’ terrorist attack on October 7 against Israel that led to the deaths of over 14oo Israelis and over 240 being taken hostage back into Gaza including Americans. 3 4 The petition called for delivering humanitarian aid to those in need in Gaza including UN facilities, freeing all civilian hostages, repealing the order by Israel to evacuate Northern Gaza, and allow those in critical care to be evacuated. 5 The petition also called on, “The UN Security Council, the UN Secretary General and all world leaders with influence…to ensure a ceasefire comes into effect.” 6


According to their website, the top institutional donors for the organization between 2022 and 2023 include: 7


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