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Dream for America is a left-of-center advocacy organization that campaigns to increase voter turnout for college students and other “Generation Z” young voters. It engages in voter registration drives on college campuses as well as digital campaigns to increase political advocacy. 1


Dream for America is a left-of-center nonprofit advocacy organization that was founded in 2023. 2 It campaigns to increase voter turnout for younger people, particularly Generation Z, and to increase their engagement in left-leaning political advocacy. 3

Dream for America advocates for what it calls “The Zoomer’s New Deal,” taking inspiration from President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. The program is a list of demands for public spending, advocating for increased taxes on higher income earners to fund so-called infrastructure developments. It also advocates for raising minimum wage to match what it determines is the cost-of-living, favors expanding unions, increases funding for Social Security, and funds developments in failing cities. 4


In March 2023, Dream for America tweeted that it was involved at a protest at the Tennessee state capitol calling for gun control following a school shooting earlier in the month. 5 It also tweeted in response to the protest that it needs donations to fund future protests as “it isn’t cheap to turn out young voters.” 6


William He founded Dream for America as a high school student and serves as its executive director. From June to September 2020, He worked as a national student organizing leader for U.S. Senator Ed Markey’s (D-MA) re-election campaign. From July 2020 to September 2020, he worked as a community organizer for Basic Income March, which advocates for a socialized tax system to pay for a form of universal income. 7

Michael Eisenstatt was formerly a senior advisor for Dream for America. 8 From March 2019 to April 2023, Eisenstatt worked as a digital director of Midwest and national campaigns for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the official party organ supporting the campaigns of Democratic candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives. Since April 2023, he has worked as a partner for SP Media Group, a communications firm for high-profile campaigns based in Washington, D.C. 9


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