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The Building Decarbonization Coalition (BDC) is an advocacy group that uses policy research, market development, and public engagement to eliminate the use of natural gas appliances in buildings and homes and convert them to all-electric appliances to minimize the impacts of climate change and create pollution-free workplaces and communities.

Founding and History

BDC was founded in August of 2018 in Petaluma, California by Panama Bartholomy, who works as the nonprofit’s founder and executive director. 1 Prior to being the director of BDC, he was the European director of the investor confidence project on behalf of the Environmental Defense Fund and has worked with the California government energy sector. 2 He is currently the president of Ridge-line Consulting a consulting firm focuses on weather-dependent energy solutions for organizations and communities. 3

Program Areas

The Building Decarbonization Coalition has created a set of initiatives it believes best engages with a wide range of consumers, local governments, organizations, and businesses.

The Switch is on Campaign

The Switch is on Campaign by BDC seeks to persuade business owners, homeowners, and renters to remove gas appliances and replace them with electric appliances. 4 The coalition provides tools and resources to support homeowners and renters seeking electric options, and the coalition provides support to contractors by connecting them with customers seeking to electrify their businesses or residences. 5

Fossil Fuel Free Cooking

The Fossil Fuel Free Cooking initiative is an effort seeking to advance a mass scale adoption of all-electric kitchens in old and new residences and commercial businesses. This initiative works to increase overall consumer knowledge and awareness of the benefits surrounding all-electric kitchens. 6

As of 2021, the U.S. government estimated that 60 percent of electricity in the country was generated from natural gas or coal-fired power plants. 7

Groundswell Initiative

The Groundswell Initiative is an effort towards moving businesses and residences away from the use of natural gas. Ultimately the initiative will look to procure phaseout commitments from states totaling 60 percent of the U.S. natural gas demand. 8

A Clean and Resilient Energy for Californians

BDC supports the building decarbonization movement seeking to make California a completely carbon-emissions-free state. The coalition will continue to create and lobby for legislation to help make California meet its goal of achieving 100 percent zero-emissions in its residences and commercial buildings by 2045. 9

Creating a Common Vision of Building Decarbonization in New York

Similar to its work in California, BDC campaigns through the New York legislature to minimize residential emissions, improve public health, and increase the accessibility of affordable housing. 10


In 2022, the Heising-Simons Foundation awarded the Building Decarbonization Coalition $400,000 for general support within the climate and clean energy program. 11 In 2021, the Climate Imperative Foundation awarded BDC a $300,000 grant to support the advancement of zero-emission appliance standards. 12

Revenue for BDC within 2021 totaled $3,989,599, which consisted of total contributions and grants of $2,800,549; programs and service revenue of $1,188,774, and investment incomes and dividends of $276. 13


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