350 Fairfax


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350 Fairfax is a child organization of, a left-of-center environmentalist organization that advocates for a complete elimination of the use of fossil fuels. 350 Fairfax advocates for the banning of plastic use in the Northern Virginia area, while also supporting radical environmentalist legislation akin to the Green New Deal at both the state and federal levels. 1


350 Fairfax has a “Plastic Free Challenge,” encouraging individuals to eliminate their personal use of single-use plastics and to contact legislators in support of a government-mandated ban on all such products. 2 The organization also organizes the “Earth Friendly Fairfax” campaign, which assigns an environmental “score” to restaurants based on how much plastic they use. 3

350 Fairfax holds monthly meetings to discuss how activists can advocate for environmentalist policy. Its meetings have included advocacy for repealing right-to-work laws and for supporting the Virginia Green New Deal. 45


Helene Shore and Julie Kimmel founded 350 Fairfax in March 2017. 6


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Supported Movements

  1. Green New Deal (GND)
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