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President & CEO:
Jill Hanauer

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Project New America (also known as the Majority Institute) is a for-profit left-of-center research and strategy hub that works on polling voters and analyzing their beliefs. It works for numerous left-liberal activists and organizations.

Its products are bundled as a subscription service and delivers analysis and demographic information about voters and issues. It also provides analysis and targeting information to help left-wing activists and organizations tailor their message.


Project New America, which is now known as The Majority Institute, is a research and strategy hub that is targeted towards left-wing activists and organizations. The hub helps left-wing activists and organizations coordinate and target their messaging towards preferred demographics. The group targets groups that are inclined to vote for left-wing candidates and issues. 1

The group was originally known as Project New West and had a focus on Colorado issues, later expanding its focus to other western states. Sometime in 2012 the organization changed its name to Project New America. 2 Sometime before 2017, the organization changed its name to The Majority Institute. 3

The Majority Institute bills itself as different from traditional pollsters because it has set up its operations as a hub for left-wing activists to share information. The hub provides tools for left-wing activists to develop and manage projects. TMI also often gets involved with the projects helping to negotiate lower rates from vendors and even manages the projects. 4

TMI also provides a data repository and has systems setup to avoid duplication. It also provides ways for activists to incorporate both old and new data together. Finally, it works with clients to translate the data and research into the real world. It helps develop a messaging playbook, interactive trainings, implementation plans, and how to work to get the message in front of media. It also works to develop specific goals for a project. 5

TMI has a subscriber network to allow left-wing activists and organization leaders to work together and coordinate. The subscriber hub is set up to avoid triggering campaign finance restrictions against campaigns and third-party organizations from coordinating with each other. The hub allows subscribers to send their research out to other subscribers once the project is completed. TMI also identifies other organizations and activists that want to collaborate and share research costs. 6


According to The Majority Institute, left-wing public officials on the state, local, and federal level subscribe. In addition, numerous left-wing organizations and activists subscribe. Among those who subscribe are the AFL-CIO, League of Conservation Voters, and End Citizens United. 7


TMI has two managing partners, Rick Palacio and Jon Youngdahl. Both men helped co-found the organization.

Rick Palacio, a political consultant based in Denver, is the former chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party. Previously, he worked for U.S. House Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD). 8

Jon Youngdahl is a Sacramento, California-based political consultant. Previously, he was the executive director for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California State Council. 9 Before that he was the chief of staff and national political director for the SEIU. He has also worked for the United Steelworkers and as Minnesota state director for the AFL-CIO. He was also an adviser to U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone (D-Minnesota). 10


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