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Jantz Management, LLC is an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment management firm. It partners with left-of-center organizations including the radical environmentalist group on its investment products.


Jantz Management was founded in 2002 and is based on Boston, Massachusetts. The company touts that it is only compensated through its clients’ fees, which means there is no commission from any third party group on what financial advice it offers. The company is geared toward clients that have a moderate to high risk tolerance. 1

Shareholder Resolutions

Jantz pushed two shareholder proposals against Apple, Inc. in 2017. Apple tried to block the resolutions from reaching a vote by seeking guidance from the Securities and Exchanges Commission on how to do so. One resolution called for Apple to set up a “human rights committee” to look at issues of censorship. The other called for Apple to cut greenhouse gas emissions. 2


The investor portfolios require environmental, social, and governance criteria (ESG). 3

The firm has portfolios that do not invest in conventional energy firms and major emitters of carbon dioxide. This includes the “350 portfolio” made up to exclude the top 200 worst carbon companies identified by It also excludes companies that produce alcohol, tobacco, weaponry, gambling and nuclear energy. 4 The 350 Large-Cap 50 Value, the 350 Mid-Cap Value, the 350 Small-Cap Value, and 350 All-Cap Value include companies from the Standard and Poor’s index that “meet rigorous environmental, social, and governance criteria,” according to Jantz management. 5

The ESG portfolios are the JM Large Cap ESG, the JM Mid-Cap ESG and JM Small-Cap ESG, all of which invest in “carbon free” companies on the S&P. 6


Christine Jantz is the founder and president of Jantz Management. Before founding the company, she worked in several executive roles for Arthur D. Little, Inc. She was also the former chief investment officer for NorthStar Asset Management. She holds an M.B.A. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an M.S. in statistics from the University of Iowa. She also has a B.A. in mathematical sciences from Bethel College. 7

Julie Goodridge is an advisory board member for Jantz Management. She’s also the CEO and founder of NorthStar Asset Management, Inc. Advisory board member Nancy Smith is a former vice president of Arthur D. Little, Inc. John Sterman, a professor of management at MIT Sloan School of Management, also serves on the advisory board. 8


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Jantz Management

Boston, MA