Will Wilkinson


Left-Wing Writer

Columnist, Vox

Former Positions:

Vice President for Research, Niskanen Center

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Will Wilkinson is a center-left writer and former vice president for research at the formerly nominally libertarian Niskanen Center. Wilkinson is the former U.S. politics correspondent for The Economist magazine, a research fellow for the center-right Cato Institute, and a former program director for the center-right Mercatus Center. He is a columnist for the left-wing website Vox and a contributing opinion writer for the New York Times.

Connected Organizations

  1. Cato Institute (Non-profit)
    Former Research Fellow
  2. Mercatus Center, George Mason University (Non-profit)
    Former Program Director
  3. Niskanen Center (Non-profit)
    Former Vice President for Research
  4. Vox (For-profit)
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