Kriss Deiglmeier


Former CEO, Tides Foundation (2014-2019)

Kriss Deiglmeier is a career nonprofit executive and the former CEO of the Tides Foundation, a center-left pass-through funding nonprofit and part of the larger Tides Nexus, a position she held from February 2014 to late 2019. [1] [2]


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Connected Organizations

  1. Tides Advocacy (The Advocacy Fund) (Non-profit)
    Former Board Member
  2. Tides Center (Non-profit)
    Former CEO (2014-2019)
  3. Tides Foundation (Non-profit)
    Former CEO (2014-2019)
  4. Tides Inc. (TINC) (Non-profit)
    Former CEO, Board Chair
  5. Tides Network (Non-profit)
    Former CEO (2014-2019)
  6. Tides Nexus (Other Group)
    Former CEO (2014-2019)
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