Joanne Schwartz


Principal, Civitas Public Affairs Group

Former Managing Director, Gill Action Fund

Former Staffer, Gill Foundation

Former Executive Director, ProgressNow Colorado

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Joanne Schwartz is a political activist and principal at Civitas Public Affairs Group, a political consultancy that caters to Democratic Party candidates and center-left clients. Schwartz is the former managing director of Gill Action Fund, a now-defunct gay and lesbian advocacy group.

Schwartz also worked for the Gill Foundation, an associated organization with the Gill Action Fund, managing public relations. Schwartz previously worked as executive director of ProgressNow Colorado, a left-wing advocacy group. 1


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Connected Organizations

  1. Civitas Public Affairs Group (For-profit)
  2. Gill Action Fund (Non-profit)
    Former Managing Director
  3. Gill Foundation (Non-profit)
    Former Staffer
  4. Progressnow Colorado (Non-profit)
    Former Executive Director
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