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Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF)




U.K-based Non-Profit


London, England

Chief Executive:

Moira Sinclair, OBE

Financials (2023):

Net Revenue: £5,470,000 ($6,929,980)
Expense: £39,790,000 ($50,411,556)
Endowment: £875,340,000 ($1,108,974,266) 1


  1. “Trustees’ Report and Financial Statements 2022/23.” Paul Hamlyn Foundation, September 25, 2023. https://www.phf.org.uk/publications/trustees-report-and-financial-statements-2022-23/.

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The Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) was founded in 1987 with funds from Paul Hamlyn and his estate. It has become one of the United Kingdom’s largest independent foundations. It founded the Awards for Artists program designed to support and encourage artists to continue pursuit of their art regardless of financial hardship. The organization now supports social change and efforts toward a society that produces equal outcomes and allows everyone, particularly the young, to reach their full potential. 1

The wealth behind PHF was generated by Paul Hamlyn’s successful publishing and recording empire based on the success of Music for Pleasure, Paul Hamlyn Group, and Octopus Publishing Group. Hamlyn passed away in 2001 and is survived by his second wife, the founder of the Helen Hamlyn Trust. 2


Paul Hamlyn Foundation was founded to support the arts and has extended its direction to the support of arts that promote social change. PHF seeks to support organizations that share a commitment to strengthen civil society, support social innovation, champion people’s voices, respond to digital transformation, respond to the claimed climate emergency, and advocate for the organization’s primary positions. 3 4

Climate Change

PHF claims that the changing climate is the result of burning fossil fuels, intensive agriculture, and deforestation and that the poorest, particularly women and people of color, are most at risk. The Foundation, working with Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF), changed its investment committee terms to mandate that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) score of the companies they invest in be considered and that they score managers on their ESG credentials. PHF is a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). PHF engages with ShareAction (SA), a group that sponsors a decarbonization initiative. It is a member of European Foundation Financial and Investment Officers Group (EFFIO) and Child Rights International Network (CRIN). 5 6

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

PHF committed itself to the advancement of left-of-center diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles in 2020. Its commitments include the recruitment of board members, advisors, and staff with broad direct experience, a commitment to what it terms “social justice and antiracism,” and the release of DEI data. The organization developed a three-year action plan that defined the steps that it would take to advance the DEI agenda. 7

PHF uses the Association of Charitable Foundation’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Pillars of Stronger Foundation Practice to guide their work. The organization collaborates with the DEI Coalition of Funders, an organization that shares DEI practices, and the Funders for Race Equality Alliance, a group that encourages racial justice and equal outcomes based on race. 8 9 10

Living Wage Funder

PHF participates in the Living Wage Funder Scheme that seeks pay of £9.50 ($12.03) per hour for workers outside London and £10.85 ($13.74) within greater London. 11

India Program

PHF makes grants to India-based non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for health, education, shelter, support for people with disabilities and other social development activities. The organization spends £2.2 million ($2,786,667) with local groups within identified geographies. 12


PHF provides grants of £45,400,000 ($57,511,699) annually. Grants in 2022-2023 were made to Attenborough Arts Centre; Bristol Music Trust; 42nd Street; Act Build Change, which builds a network of community organizers; African Rainbow Family, which supports LGBT people of African heritage; Amnesty International UK; People; Anti-Tribalism Movement; Arika, a group that fosters the use of artistic works to advance social change; and Bail For Immigrant Detainees. 13


Moira Sinclair is CEO of Paul Hamlyn Foundation and chair of the London Mayor’s Cultural Leadership Board. 14

Jane Hamlyn is chair of the board of trustees of PHF. 15


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