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Missouri Agrees advocates for election-administration policies, including ballot measures to require audit thresholds to certify elections as well as policies that would eliminate restrictions on candidates’ ballot access. 1


Missouri Agrees is an advocacy organization that supports election reform. It campaigns to introduce ballot measures that would eliminate limits on the number of candidates and political parties allowed on Missouri ballots. Additionally, it advocates for allowing voters to vote for as many candidates as possible on each ballot. 2

Missouri Agrees was originally created as a campaign of the left-of-center 501(c)(4) Action Network. 3 4 In December 2022, Missouri Agrees registered as a political action committee with the Missouri Ethics Commission. 5

Election Policy

Missouri Agrees publishes a list of ballot measures it supports. In the 2024 election, the group supports measures allowing all qualified candidates to be listed on the general election ballot, allowing voters to be able to submit votes for as many candidates as listed on the ballot, requiring five percent of voting precincts be audited prior to certifying elections, requiring ballot measures to use the exact language used in the policy proposal, and removing deceased persons from voter registrations. 6


Frederic Steinbach is the chair and treasurer of Missouri Agrees and is the outreach director for Conservative Against Corruption. He previously served as finance director to former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft (R) while he was governor of Missouri and as mayor of Chesterfield, Missouri. 7

Molly Uthoff is the communications director for Missouri Agrees. While being asked about the political leanings of the group, she said, “As a Democrat, I look forward to working with my Republican counterparts on policies for elections that are accessible and secure.” 8


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Missouri Agrees

Chesterfield, MO