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DecrimNow DC is an advocacy campaign for the decriminalization of sex work in Washington, D.C. The campaign is built on the proposition that the criminalization of sex work contributes to racial profiling, police violence, and the mass incarceration of individuals who identify as Black, Brown, women, transgender, and gender-nonconforming.


DecrimNow DC began as an effort by the Sex Workers’ Advocates Coalition (SWAC), a coalition of mostly grassroots Black and Brown queer and trans-led groups committed to advocating for sex worker rights in Washington, D.C. 1

DecrimNow argues “sex work is work and that people in the sex trade are worthy of full economic, political and social empowerment, and humanity.” 2

Advocacy Efforts

DecrimNow launched several campaigns on behalf of sex workers, including promoting the use of respectful and non-stigmatizing language for sex workers. 3 It also offers assistance for gender reassignment surgery, 4 organizes pole dancing parties, 5 and advocates for improved access to housing and shelters for individuals in the sex trade industry. 6

In 2018, DecrimNow campaign members initiated an online petition urging legislators to schedule a hearing for the “Promoting Public Safety and Health by Reducing Criminalization Amendment Act of 2017” in the D.C. Council. The purpose of the bill was to decriminalize sex work in D.C. 7

In collaboration with No Justice No Pride, an organization dedicated to transgender interests, 8 and HIPS, a group advocating for those affected by the sex trade and drug use, DecrimNow raised over $85,000 for a relief fund. The fund aided sex workers in the D.C.-Maryland-Virginia region who were impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. 9

DecrimNow asserts that “sex workers helped lead the rise of e-commerce in the early Internet” and the criminalization of sex work is “pushing them out of what they helped start.” 10 The coalition also advocates for police divestment. On February 4, 2020, DecrimNow showed solidarity with BYP100, a far-left organization focused on black, queer, and feminist youth issues, by endorsing BYP100’s merchandise with the slogan “Protect Sex Workers, Fire Cops.” 11


As of 2023, Alicia Sanchez Gill, who formerly co-led the sex work decriminalization campaign in D.C. alongside DecrimNow DC, works as the executive director of Emergent Fund, a left-of-center grantmaking organization that distributes grants to race- and gender-focused activist groups. 12


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DecrimNow DC

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