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52Feminists.com was a web-based project featuring short profiles of women (a few men are included) who market themselves as feminist entrepreneurs. Most of those profiled were Americans working in corporate or creative industries, charities, or feminist non-profit organizations. Several are business owners promoting their companies or professional services. A few reside in other countries.1

The individual profiles consisted of a very brief biography and answers to the same six questions about feminism, such as “Describe your vision of a feminist world.”

52Feminists.com was founded and is run by Eileen Scully as a project of her own consulting business, The Rising Tides.2 Scully offered corporate workshops and advises businesses, particularly in the tech field, on issues relating to women employees such as pay equity, equitable promotion, and making corporate culture responsive to women’s needs.

52Feminists.com was a sponsor of the Women’s March protesting the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

As of May 2023, the organization no longer appears to have a web presence, with social media pages not updated and its website not working. 3

Feminist Consulting and Feminist Movement Politics

52Feminists.com operated as a networking site in the marketplace of “for-profit feminism,” in which women offer feminist-branded products to each other and position themselves to advise corporations on human resources issues involving woman employees.4

A 52Feminists.com photo gallery from the 2017 Women’s March showed participants waving signs with non-corporate-friendly slogans such as: “Bitch Better Have My Planned Parenthood Money,” “Paul Ryan We Also Hate You,” and “Why Are Men in Charge When They Can’t Even Find the Clit?”5

Eileen Scully

52Feminists.com founder Scully attended Hofstra University then spent 20 years working in tech marketing before founding her consulting business, The Rising Tides, in 2015. She uses her consulting business to promote her book, In the Company of Men: How Women Can Succeed in a World Built Without Them.6

She is a board member for the Get in Touch Foundation, which teaches breast cancer screening, a marketing advisor for the Innovadores Foundation, a non-profit that provides mentoring and investment for Cuban technology and fashion start-ups, and she was social media and communications director for the charity Kayak for a Cause.7

In 2016 Scully participated in President Barack Obama’s White House Summit on the United State of Women, an event she called “our Woodstock.”  She praised the conference’s focus on expanding personal leave policies to accommodate single women with family obligations.8


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