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Women’s March Action (WMA) is a lobbying and advocacy group for left-of-center political and cultural movements. It is largely concerned with national issues and policies related to feminism and engages in education and engagement to bring more attention to these issues. 1

Women’s March Foundation is the charitable affiliate of Women’s March Action. One website is shared by the two organizations and subscribers to one group receive communications from the other. 2

Women’s March Action is a coalition member of Field Team 6, a voter mobilization effort which explicitly aims to acquire more voters for the Democratic Party. 3


Women’s March Action encourages its supporters in every state to attend their local as well as the national marches held by the wider Women’s March movement. For example, Women’s March Action alerted its supporters to a march planned for October 2, 2022, two days before the reconvening of the Supreme Court. On its webpage, WMA wrote, “we will flood the streets of the entire country making it abundantly clear that our right to control our bodies is not up for debate or negotiation. I hope you will join us, Warrior.” It additionally encourages its supporters to write to their representatives. 4

In addition to feminism, abortion, and equal pay, Women’s March Action promotes environmentalism, government intervention in health care, gun control, lenient criminal justice policy, education reform, and left-of-center election policy. 5

Women’s March Action holds monthly “Defend Democracy Days” consisting of voter registration canvassing and larger events, voter outreach, and educational efforts. Women’s March Action hosts its own Defend Democracy Events periodically throughout the year, and also gives activists the opportunity to hold their own Defend Democracy events. It calls these efforts “grassroots” while also connecting them to its national operations, telling its supporters “If you build it and post it they will come! (we’ll help with far-reaching promotion).” 6

It gives interested activists access to its “Defend Democracy Voter Register How to Guide,” which provides step-by-step instructions on how to host a voter registration drive. Alternatively, activists can order its “Women’s March Action Voter Registration Tool kit” which includes the Defend Democracy How to Guide, voter registration forms and postcards, voter registration instructions for the activist’s state, clip boards, pens, stickers, masks, hand sanitizer, and a Women’s March t-shirt. 7

Women’s March Action and several partner organizations launched the Defend Democracy program on January 6, 2022, the first anniversary of the Capitol riot that disrupted the 2020 election certification process. Its website explains that it chose this date “because we believe the best way to counter insurrectionists is by expanding the right to vote.” Women’s March Action specifies that it tells its grassroots organizers to focus on registering “the 9 million who relocated during the pandemic” and aims to push back against “gerrymandering, voter purges, and the outright denial of election results.” 8


Partners of the Defend Democracy Action program include Activate America, BigTent USA, Civic Sundays, DemCast USA, Field Team 6, Four Directions Vote, Grassroots Dem HQ, Hang Out Do Good, Indivisible, League of Conservation Voters, OC Organizing Crew, People for the American Way, Progressive Democrats of America, Sierra Club, They See Blue, Training to Win, Utah Approves, Vote Saves America, Voto Latino, WAVE, and “dozens of state and local organizations.” 9 10


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