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The Waverly Foundation is the charitable arm of the Waverly Project, an all-girls afterschool program which focuses on mentoring young girls using Christian principles and teachings from a Biblical world view. The Foundation teaches its members about other nonprofits in their area, specifically nonprofits which advocate for women. 1 2


The Waverly Foundation was created June 8, 2020, by Molly and Grace Wills to allow for greater donations to the Waverly Project. The Waverly Project was started in 2012 by Molly Wills. Wills wanted to create a faith-based all-girls organization to help connect women and girls in local communities. The foundation is based in Lake Worth Beach, Florida, and helps fund branches of the Waverly Project located in Connecticut, Florida, and New York. 3


The Waverly Foundation partnered with Hearts for Moms in 2020 to set up a virtual 5k run. 4 Hearts for Moms is another faith-based all-girls organization based in Palm Beach which focuses on providing aid to single mothers under the age of 40. Hearts for Moms works to get single moms necessities like diapers, clothes, and food, while also offering skill development courses, counseling,  and financial assistance when necessary. 5


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