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Stand With Trans is a left-of-center transgender advocacy and activism group. This organization, founded in 2015 by the mother of a transgender child, 1 provides weblinks and resources to trans youth and their parents, as well as advice and a limited “therapy assistance” program offering free mental health services with “gender-affirming” psychotherapists. 2 It is also an organizer of Trans Empowerment Month, observed every October since 2020. 3

Trans Empowerment Month

Stand With Trans hosts a series of mostly online arts events, discussion panels, and speeches during October. Tickets are free for participants 24 and younger, but “folx” 25 and older are charged $50. In addition to arts and crafts, and family hiking events, scheduled discussion topics for Trans Empowerment Month 2023 included “Substance Use in the LGBTQIA+ Community: Preventing Addiction and Harm” and “Fighting Back: Anti-Trans Policies and Legislation.” 4 5

Ally Parents

Ally Parents is an initiative launched by Stand With Trans to provide support and advice to transgender youth and parents navigating the difficulties of raising transgender kids. Formerly known as Ally Moms, this project purportedly had its origin when members of Stand With Trans learned of the 2015 suicide of Leelah Alcorn following misgendering and lack of support by family members. In 2019, it was rebranded Ally Parents.

It consists of over 250 adults, screened by background checks, who provide phone support. This project also has its own private Facebook page where members share ideas and consult each other through Facebook Live events. 6

Therapy Assistance Program

Stand With Trans offers a limited therapy assistance program to transgender youth to help deal with the increased rate of mental health issues occurring in that group. This initiative, begun as a smaller pilot program, was revived in August 2023 with a $10,000 grant from MGM Resorts Foundation. It offers a limited number of therapy sessions, based on the number of applicants balanced against the grant money available, to Michigan youth ages 13-24. 7

Trans Lifeline Library

Stand With Trans hosts an online gallery of resources called the Trans Lifeline Library. In addition to general advice topics such as tips for “gender affirming shopping,” and crisis resources such as mental health and substance abuse hotlines, the Library contains links to LGBT scholarships and legal assistance for name and gender changes, reporting hate crimes, and assistance for trans immigrants. 8

Its “Educator Allies” section provides suggestions for creating “inclusive” classroom settings. It includes such tips as “avoid unnecessarily gendering your students,” and allowing students to use a “chosen” name when turning in homework assignments. It also discourages teachers from allowing classroom debate on “things like transgender restroom access, access to gender affirming care, and transgender youth in sports,” as these topics may cause discomfort to transgender students present. This section of the Library provides links to organizations such as the National Center for Lesbian Rights, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN),  and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). 9

Stand With Trans hosts an online discussion group to discuss “banned” and controversial literature. This group meets on the Discord social media site on the last Friday of every other month. 10 It also provides a recommended reading list. Headed with the slogan “Making Reading Fun for Everyone,” the list purports to offer books appropriate for all age groups, from pre-kindergarten to adult. Recommended titles include What Riley Wore, about a nonbinary child who changes clothing based on felt gender expression for that day and uses “they” pronouns. Other titles include Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica, and Gender Neutral Parenting: Raising Kids With the Freedom to Be Themselves. 11

Research Studies

Stand With Trans’ website hosts links to outside individuals looking for subjects for academic research projects. One researcher advertises for “assigned female at birth” individuals who possess a cervix to discuss their experiences with HPV and cervical cancer screening. Another advertises for a James Madison University doctoral candidate completing a dissertation on “The Impact of Attachment Styles on Sexual Self-Concept Among Adults Who Identify as LGBTGEQIAP+.12


Roz Gould Keith is the founder and executive director of Stand With Trans. Gould Keith stated that Stand With Trans was founded in the wake of her child coming out as transgender. She is also the former executive director of marketing and strategy at MindSeedCreative and MetaOps, and former president of Party Planning Plus LLC. 13 14

In response to a Michigan pastor promoting “conversion therapy” classes on his church’s Facebook page in 2018, Keith wrote, “If a child is questioning [their sexual orientation], then follow their lead. Provide them with resources and tools so they can figure it out. You can’t someone talk someone out of being gay, or out of being transgender. All that does is create low self-esteem, poor mental health.” The post was eventually taken down after the church received threats and “evil and vulgar posts” on Facebook. 15


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