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John Torgrimson & Steve Harris

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Root River Current is a nonprofit online periodical aimed at rural residents of Minnesota. In addition to advertising local community events, it publishes poetry and essays, and advocates for environmentalist causes. It is operated by a board of volunteers. 1

Root River Current is a supporter of the Southeastern Libraries Cooperating (SELCO) project, an initiative involving 36 rural libraries that participate in inter-library book loans. This project also sponsors author tours and provides grant money for art and historical projects. It receives $3 million in annual funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. 2

Civic Engagement

Root River Current encourages residents to participate in the political process, but advocates for no specific party or candidate. Its website published a public service announcement explaining the process of the Minnesota caucus and encouraging voters to attend. It also encouraged them to submit resolutions to be taken up by their specific political party. 3


The Root River Current’s online content addresses a variety of environmental issues, such as re-seeding the local area with native plants, rotational grazing to preserve soil nutrients, and proposing a fertilizer tax to fund clean drinking water initiatives. 4

One op-ed encouraged “green burials,” a process using burial vessels that compost the deceased into mulch. 5


John Torgrimson is co-chair of the Root River Current, and the former executive director of Oxfam Hong Kong and Seed Savers exchange. He is an author, and the former owner and publisher of the Filmore County Journal. Steve Harris is co-chair of the Root River Current’s board and a freelance writer. 6


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