Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action (MOVCA)



Parkersburg, West Virginia


Environmental activist group

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Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action (MOVCA) is a left-of-center environmental activist group located in West Virginia. The group is volunteer-based and is not registered as a nonprofit with the IRS. However, the group does have expenditures, and it is not clear from where its funding comes.


The Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action group was founded in 2015 and supports protests and activism against what it considers to be unsustainable development and climate change. 1


The Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action group is not a registered nonprofit and therefore does not have any public financial filings. The group does not have any solicitations for donations on its website, but it does have a listing to hire a part-time contract worker who would handle engagement and the organization’s awareness contests. The posting notes that the 10-month position would not pay more than $10,000, but it is not clear from where that funding would be coming. 2 It is also not clear where the hundreds of dollars in prize funding for the organization’s public service announcement competition comes from, either. 3

Coalitions and Partners

The Mid-Ohio Climate Action group is involved with many other left-of-center environmental activist groups. Partners include the Sierra Club of West Virginia, the West Virginia River Coalition, West Virginians for Energy Freedom, West Virginians for Public Lands, Keep Wayne Wild, Solar United Neighbors of Ohio, Torch Can Do, Marcellus Protest, Ohio River Citizens Alliance, the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, Our Children’s Future, and Zero Hour. 4

Citizens Climate Lobby

MOVCA is affiliated with the Citizens Climate Lobby, a left-of-center group that advocates for carbon taxes. The group has chapters throughout the United States and around the world. 5

MOVCA is a member of, a radical environmental group that desires to stop the development of all fossil fuels and a complete switch to “renewable” energy. The group has affiliates around the United States and all over the world. 6


The Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action group does not appear to have a well-defined mission statement or focus on specific climate issues. On its website, the group shares a monthly list of media clippings related to the environment or climate activism. The group also seems to participate in left-progressive “intersectional” identity politics, as its participation was noted at an LGBT-pride event in July 2021. 7

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, MOVCA hosted an in-person monthly meeting and would also host speakers, video viewings, and other events from time to time. Following the start of the pandemic, these regular meetings moved online, although it appears the group has not had a scheduled meeting from March 2021. 8


The Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action group claims to be an all-volunteer group. Its website does not have a list of staff or volunteers. 9


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