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Bellingham, Washington





Executive Director:

Peter Schulte

Budget (2020):

Less Than $50,000 1


  1. IRS Exempt Organization Search for Kindling (EIN 83-1108692). Queries conducted January 20, 2022.

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Kindling is a Bellingham, Washington based non-profit. The organization runs a website where it catalogs victories for left-of-center causes and provides leadership training.


The founder and executive director of Kindling is Peter Schulte, a self-described former marijuana addict who has “spent years working with the great Amazonian plant medicine ayahuasca,” a psychedelic. Schulte founded Kindling as an entrepreneurship project. 1


The organization provides news stories from a left-of-center perspective, it hosts the Archive of Human Genius, which documents left-progressive-aligned human progress, and Teal Pages, which links to left-of-center activists and organizations. 2

In August 2021, Kindling joined the March for Voting Rights, a march in Washington D.C. calling for the federal takeover of election administration and elimination of voter integrity laws. The march also demanded an end of the filibuster, the U.S. Senate rule that requires a supermajority to end debate and proceed to a final vote on legislation. 3

In January 2022, Kindling signed a letter by Fix Our Senate which called on the U.S. Senate to abolish the filibuster in order to enact a federal takeover of elections and eliminate voter integrity laws. 4

As of 2022, Kindling had a Patreon account that reported 37 “patrons” (financial supporters) generating $213 a month. 5 For its 2020 tax year, Kindling filed the “E-Postcard” tax return declaring total gross receipts not exceeding $50,000. 6


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