Insure Our Future



Oakland, CA

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Anti-Coal Advocacy Group

Project of:

The Sunrise Project (Australia)

Senior Strategist:

Ross Hammond



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Insure our Future is an environmentalist organization focusing on advocating for anti-fossil-fuel policies to combat climate change. The organization attacks insurance companies that insure or invest in conventional energy companies. 1

The organization works in partnership2 with UnfriendCoal, an environmentalist and climate change activism organization promoting the destruction of the coal industry in favor of environmentalist-aligned energy sources. 3

Insure Our Future was founded sometime during 2017 and is based in Oakland California, per the group’s Twitter account (@Insure_Future). It has endorsed other like-minded environmentalist organizations that share goals or have overlapping aims, including Indigenous Environmental Network, Oil Change International, Sunflower Alliance, Friends of the Earth, and Sunrise Project. 4


Insure our Future was founded in and is located in Oakland, California; its Twitter account (@Insure_Future) was created in August 2018. Its lead strategist is Ross Hammond, who has a listed contact as an email affiliated with the Sunrise Project, another environmentalist organization. 5

It has another account that ostensibly tracks global activism regarding environmental change and targeting insurance companies that insure and invest in conventional energy companies outside of the United States. That account can be found at @InsOurFuture. It joined in June 2017 according to the account information. 6

Action Items and Demands

Insure Our Future calls for insurance companies to deny coverage to conventional energy industries, with the aim of halting all new and existing projects ongoing in the United States and abroad. It further seeks the complete divestment of insurance companies from any conventional energy industry, company or project in general. 7

The campaign instead demands complete transition away from fossil fuels toward green, solar, or wind energy by 2050. 8

Moreover, the campaign further demands that all United States insurance companies: “Bring [their] stewardship activities (including the engagement with investee companies and exercise of voting rights), membership of trade associations and public positions as a shareholder and a corporate citizen more broadly in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement and create full transparency about these positions.” 9

The campaign has also built teams in Boston and Seattle to protest Liberty Mutual, which provides insurance to energy companies in the United States by demonstrating and chanting outside the insurance company’s offices. 10


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Insure Our Future

Oakland, CA