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Institute for Liberty (IFL) is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that was founded in 2005 and initially focused on issues related to technology and national security policy. IFL has aimed to protect and support American small businesses by stopping regulatory expansion, advocating for tax initiatives, and defending the rights of individuals from unnecessary and burdensome public policies. 1

The Institute for Liberty organized itself around a series of centers: Center for Health Security and Access, Center for Strategic Policy, and Center for American Regulatory Engagement. 2


Institute for Liberty claims that the government is expanding at an alarming rate and seeks to represent the perspective of working families and small businesses in the public policy debate. To this end, IFL organizes grassroots activists and events, conducts academic policy research, and proposes strategic, tactical, and implementable public policies. 3

In defense of the rights of small businesses and individuals, the Institute for Liberty submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2022 opposing the proposed product standard on flavored cigars. IFL claimed that proposed rule would not significantly improve public health, but would instead infringe on the rights of individual consumers to make their own informed health choices and have the greatest negative impact on small manufacturing, retail businesses, and workers. 4

IFL’s Center for Health Security and Access aims to protect the American health care system by opposing increased government control. IFL claims that the American health care system benefits most from a free-market approach, which ensures quality treatment, strong personal interactions between patients and doctors, and prevents long wait times for treatment and the rationing of care. 5


The Institute for Liberty is funded by donations from individuals, foundations, and businesses. While IFL does not disclose its donors, tax filings confirm donations from the Center to Protect Patient Rights ($457,000 in 2010), 6 NCTA–The Internet and Television Association ($15,000 in 2018), 7 and the American Future Fund ($10,000 in 2017). 8


Kerri Toloczko is a senior policy fellow at both the Institute for Liberty and the Frontiers of Freedom Institute. Toloczko is the meeting chair of the Southwest Florida Center-Right Coalition, a senior fellow at Let Freedom Ring, and a former vice president of policy at both the American Constitutional Rights Union and the American Civil Rights Union. 9

Andrew Langer is the president of the Institute for Liberty. Langer is a former president of the Small Business Political Alliance and formerly worked as a principal regulatory affairs lobbyist for the National Federation of Independent Business, associate development director at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and director of the Florida Project at Defenders of Property Rights. 10

Jerry Rogers is the vice president of IFL. Rogers formerly worked as a deputy vice president of alliance development at Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, director of external affairs at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, and director of development at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. 11


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