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Quetrah Anderson

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Indigenous Lifeways is a left-of-center organizing and activism group based in New Mexico that promotes environmental and social issues within native communities, particularly among women. The group promotes far-left ideology and rhetoric around its practices and conducts community outreach programs, education on social justice, and environmental activism. The group opposes uranium development and the use of nuclear power.

Among the programs operated by the group are it’s “Indigenous Womxn Working Group” and a “Social Justice Fellowship.” The group has a relatively small budget and is funded by left-of-center organizations including the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, the McKinley Collaborative for Health Equity, and NewMexicoWomen.Org. 1 2 3


While its current tax filings state that it received its current tax-exempt status in 2015, the group states that it was originally founded in 1987 as the Southwest Indigenous Uranium Forum to oppose uranium development and the use of nuclear power worldwide. The group has participated in a variety of events such as “peyote meetings” to develop its activism efforts as well as anti-nuclear demonstrations. Events the group has hosted include the “Cleansing of the Universe Ceremony with a Rinpoche on top of the Chuska Mountains in New Mexico” in 1990 and “the Walk across America initiative in 1992 at Fire High Ranch, NM.” 4


Among the Activities conducted by Indigenous Lifeways is its “Indigenous Womxn Working Group.” The working group began in 2019 to “share traditional and matriarchal knowledge.” Gatherings hosted by the working group include “Healthy Relationships, Self Esteem For Indigenous Women, Zine Making 101, Community Health Impact Assessment 101, Traditional Indigenous Gender/Family Roles & Responsibility, ‘Moon Time.’” The working group is a seed project of the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples. 5

The group also has a “frontline support” program that organizes and assists in environmentalist protests among Native American communities throughout the United States, citing “injustices caused by environmental racism.” The project has included working with tribes “across Turtle Island [a name for North America in certain Native American folklores] from Alaska to Hawaii.” 6

The group also operates a Social Justice Fellowship that focuses on teaching community organizing and activism regarding opposition to uranium mining. Topics taught include “Policy change, environmental law, organizing 101, direct actions, uranium mining (history/personal experiences), and environmental racism.” 7

Most of the organization’s activism centers on opposing uranium mining and advocating for the cleanup of contaminated soil around uranium mining sites. The group has cited frustration with the Environmental Protection Agency’s clean-up efforts, while the EPA has cited it has removed over 200,000 tons of contaminated soil and fended off additional areas. One activist has also called for government assistance to relocate once clean up is complete. The group also facilitated “filing a complaint with the United Nations Human Rights Committee alleging minority communities, like this Navajo one, are treated unfairly in superfund site clean-ups.” 8

The group also opposed the overturning of Roe v. Wade, stating that it was an “attack on life givers and womb carriers across the U.S.” and also that “We trust women & two spirits to make the right choice for their families.” 9


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