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Family Health International (or FHI 360) is a left-of-center charity that works on numerous projects both inside and outside the United States. It advocates combating income inequality and increasing government spending. 12

The organization receives tens of millions of dollars every year from the U.S. government to support its work including efforts to fight HIV and AIDS, environmental programs, and family planning.

The organization began its focus on family planning programs around the world such as promoting access to contraception. Now it is most notable for its work on HIV/AIDS through promoting access to HIV treatment drugs. It also provides other services such as communication, creative services, and data analysis.


FHI 360 is an international nonprofit that works on healthcare and other human development projects both inside and outside the United States.  The group works on economic development projects, combating climate change, left-progressive gender-related social policy, and juvenile justice programs, among other projects . 3

The group also offers services in things such as data analysis, capacity building, creative services, social marketing and communication, research, pandemic response, and training and technical service. It offers these services to other nonprofits around the world. 4

Its major focus is on health care programs around the world. It began with a focus on family planning. In the 1980s, it undertook work fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It has since expanded its focus into tropical diseases like malaria, other infectious diseases like tuberculosis, and on maternal and newborn health. 5


FHI 360 has a family of organizations that have spun off. They are:6

  • FHI Foundation: It supports the work of FHI 360 and has done work on HIV/AIDS research.
  • FHI Clinical: A full-service contract research organization which works to increase research across dozens of therapeutic areas.
  • FHI Partners: Connects the services of FHI 360 with corporations and foundations.
  • FHI Solutions: Focuses on using data to create the best nutrition plan possible
  • FHI Ventures: Partners with start-up businesses that could deliver a high impact while delivering social and financial returns.


Patrick C. Fine is the chief executive officer of FHI 360. He was previously vice president for compact operations at the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Before that he was the senior vice president of the global learning group at the Academy for Educational Development and a career member of the foreign service. 7

Deborah Kennedy-Iraheta is the chief operating officer. Before joining FHI 360, she worked for USAID. 8 910


In 1971, Family Health International was founded at the University of North Carolina. The organization at the time had a focus on family planning. 11 In 1975, it got a grant from USAID. 12

In 1986, the organization expanded its focus to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. By 2005, the organization was receiving over $100 million to fight HIV/AIDS overseas. 13

In 2011, Family Health International rebranded as FHI 360. 14


FHI receives tens of millions every year from the U.S. government for family planning and AIDS programs. 15

According to its 2018 tax return, FHI 360 took in $829 million in revenue and spent $828 million. 16

Among the organizations it made grants to was Planned Parenthood Federation of America, giving the abortion advocacy group $8,212. It also donated to two Planned Parenthood affiliates. 17


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