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Anne Segal Sorock

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The Center for the New American Frontier (the Frontier Center) is a nonprofit market research organization that uses behavioral science research to advance its vision of American exceptionalism. The Frontier Center searches for common values among U.S. citizens and annually publishes its findings in the Frontier Report. 1

Survey Findings

In a 2022 election-integrity survey, the Frontier Center found that a majority of Americans agreed htat election security is more important than voting access and claimed that increasing confidence in election accuracy would strengthen community. The Frontier Center also found that one-third of Americans are not confident that the November 2022 elections will be accurate, with the majority of people supporting actions to ensure accurate election outcomes. Additionally, the Frontier Center found that nearly 40 percent of Americans do not trust that the media portrays others’ views on important issues accurately. 2

The Frontier Center’s March 2022 report on the effect of COVID-19 school closures on suburban women found that among working suburban mothers, most women’s mental health suffered when in-school learning stopped in 2020 and 2021. The Frontier Center found that women intending to vote Republican reported the largest change in opinion about teachers and school systems, with opinion flipping from positive to negative, while women intending to vote Democratic largely sympathized with the stress faced by teachers. Recent immigrant suburban women focused on the financial impact of the closures. 3

In a 2021 report, the Frontier Center presented its findings of a survey of 20 nonprofit think tanks and organizations that largely promote free market capitalism, including Atlas Network, Pacific Legal Foundation, and State Policy Network, along with the results of a nationwide survey of all business leaders in companies employing 10 to 500 people. The Frontier Center found that there is a demand among business leaders to have better communications and increased advocacy for free-market capitalism. 4


The Frontier Center is funded by donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations. While the Frontier Center does not disclose its donors, tax filings confirm a donation from Donors Trust ($134,500 in 2019). 5


Anne Segal Sorock is the president and executive director of the Frontier Center. Sorock formerly worked for the Sam Adams Alliance. 6

Jack Sorock is the research director at the Frontier Center. 7

Board of Directors

Bob Beauprez is a former Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives and former chair of the Colorado Republican Party. Beauprez is a former Republican candidate for governor of Colorado. 8

Jack Fowler is the director of the Center for Civil Society, the senior director of strategic partnerships at American Philanthropic, and a contributing editor at National Review. Fowler sits on the boards of the Gatestone Institute and the Human Life Foundation. 9

Brad Thor is a novelist and a former member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Analytic Red Cell Unit. 10

Shonda Werry is a former director of coalitions for the Senate Republican Conference. 11


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