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Butterfly Collective is an LGBTQ activist nonprofit organization that hosts art-centered fundraising events to fundraise for Black transgender individuals supposedly in need of financial assistance. 1 Butterfly Collective partner of the anti-capitalist organization Midcoast MKE. 2

Butterfly Collective uses the identity politics concept of intersectionality to claim that Black transgender people are in greater need of communal and financial support than “any other demographic.” It also claims that the “biggest obstacle” transgender people face is a lack of resources, including knowledge on how to access hormone replacement therapy and find “gender affirming clothing.” 3


Butterfly Collective is a Milwaukee-based organization founded in 2020 by Genie Green and JJ Draper to fundraise for providing welfare and social services to transgender individuals. Green states that they founded Butterfly Collective because there are not enough private philanthropy and public welfare services available to transgender individuals in need of financial support. 4

Butterfly Collective hosts a variety of events, such as art shows and music festivals, to support Black transgender people. 5 It also provides digital resources for individuals seeking information on how and where to get abortions, as well as financial assistance resources for individuals seeking abortions and organizations seeking donations to support transgender individuals. 6


As of October 2022, Butterfly Collective receives direct donation through Venmo and GoFundMe. Its GoFundMe page states that its goal is to raise money for Black transgender individuals who are in “dire need of support” in the Milwaukee area. It also states that its initial goal is to raise $2,500 to be able to give $100 to over 20 people. Interested individuals can apply for aid through a form on its linktree; however, as of October 2022 there was no form listed. 7 8

Butterfly Collective sells a music album titled “Ballstomper” along with merchandise that is created by a variety of independent artists and distributed through It states that all proceeds from the album go to Butterfly Collective. 9

BFly radio is the name of Butterfly Collective’s Patreon account that offers video commentary on LGBT and race issues and music, all of which is created by LGBT people. It advertises itself as serving the purpose of promoting artwork by LGBT individuals while fundraising for Butterfly Collective. 10


JJ Draper is a co-founder of Butterfly Collective and is a Youth Engagement Specialist for Ex Fabula. 11 In a 2020 interview, he stated that because Black transgender people experience racism from white transgender people, he helped co-found the Butterfly Collective so there would be an organization that focused solely on providing aid to Black transgender people. 12


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Butterfly Collective

Milwaukee, WY