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July 2021 1


  1. Texas Secretary of State search: American Values Project. Mar. 28, 2022.

Left-leaning Advocacy Group

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Napp Nazworth

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American Values Coalition (formal name, American Values Project) is a left-leaning advocacy organization which presents itself to Evangelical Christians as an alternative to the “extreme right, along with the extreme left.”1


American Values Coalition is headed by Napp Nazworth, a journalist and former editor for The Christian Post who resigned after the organization endorsed then-President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign in late 2019. 2 Nazworth is a contributor to the 2020 book The Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump: 30 Evangelical Christians on Justice, Truth, and Moral Integrity, edited by the “social justice” activist and theologian Ronald Sider, in which he authored an essay titled, “Race-Baiter, Misogynist, and Fool.” 3 4

Dan Green, former communications director of Democrats for Life of America, which advocates for anti-abortion policies in the Democratic Party, previously worked as American Values Coalition’s digital director.5 Prior to that Green worked as a social media coordinator for businessman Andrew Yang‘s 2020 presidential campaign and Humanity Forward, which Yang founded to advocate for a universal basic income (UBI). 6


The group formerly fundraised through Panorama Global, a pass-through and fiscal sponsor that has funded center- and far-left organizations, such as the LGBTQ Victory Institute. 7 8

As of 2021, the organization has an independent nonprofit status. In 2022, Panorama Global reported making a grant of $144,624 to American Values Coalition.9


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