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Washington, DC

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Phil Kerpen

President's Salary:

$267,771 1


  1. American Commitment, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax (Form 990), 2019, Part VII, Section A, Line 1a.

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American Commitment is a right-of-center advocacy organization that supports free markets, economic growth, limited government, property rights, and individual freedom. American Commitment uses direct advocacy, policy analysis, and grassroots mobilization to influence public policy that affects the size and intrusiveness of government. 1

American Commitment’s charitable sister organization is American Commitment Foundation.


American Commitment opposes the Biden administration’s COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates. 2 In 2022, American Commitment published analysis concluding that masks and mask mandates failed to keep students in school during the COVID-19 pandemic. American Commitment’s analysis claims that school districts that adopted mask mandates had higher rates of COVID infection and higher rates of disruption of learning, including school closures. 3

In 2021, American Commitment opposed the Biden administration nomination of Gigi Sohn to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). American Commitment claimed that Sohn’s left-wing views, opposition to basic copyright and intellectual property protections, and criticism of conservatives makes her unfit to serve on the FCC. American Commitment called on Senate Republicans, along with moderate Democrats, to oppose her nomination. 4

American Commitment advocates for tax reforms that would create a simple system that would tax income only once, instead of current code, which it claims double- and-triple taxes individuals based on savings and investments. American Commitment is especially focused on repealing the death tax, which it claims the Biden administration’s 2021 proposed budget would effectively double by taxing the appreciated value of assets of the deceased in addition to the estate tax. American Commitment points to a study produced for the Committee to Unleash Prosperity that concluded that this double death tax would produce devastating economic consequences. 5


American Commitment is funded by donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations. While American Commitment does not disclose its donors, tax filings confirm donations from Freedom Partners ($6.26 million in 2011), 6 Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America ($505,000 in 2019), 7 and the Americans for Responsible Leadership ($300,000 in 2012). 8

Board of Directors

Phil Kerpen is the president of American Commitment and the American Commitment Foundation. Kerpen is the former principal policy and legislative strategist at Americans for Prosperity and formerly worked at the Free Enterprise Fund, the Club for Growth, and the Cato Institute. 9

Mary Beth Weiss sits on the boards of the Network of enlightened Women, American Transparency, 10 and FreedomWorks. 11

Sean Noble is the president and executive director of American Encore (formerly the Center to Protect Patient Rights). 12


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American Commitment

Washington, DC