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350 Spokane is a left-wing environmentalist group located in Spokane, Washington. The group aims to eliminate conventional energy and carbon emissions in Washington state, and supports the Green New Deal, a proposal to expand government control of the economy on environmentalist pretexts.


350 Spokane supports several environmentalist bills up for consideration in the 2021 Washington legislative session, including the Washington Strong Act, which would spend billions of dollars attempting to transition away from conventional energy sources, and HB 1091, which would direct the state’s Department of Ecology to adopt rules reducing greenhouse gas emissions per unit of transportation fuel energy by 10 percent by 2028, and 20 percent by 2035. 1

In 2018, 350 Spokane campaigned for a city ordinance that committed to replacing all use of conventional energy sources by 2030. 350 Spokane helped Councilman Breean Beggs write the law. The ordinance does not contain a legal penalty if the city fails to transition off of traditional energy sources by 2030, but does establish a panel tasked with developing policies to make the standard feasible. 2

In September 2019, 350 Spokane organized a “climate strike” demonstration, and Spokane Public Schools excusing students from class that day with parental permission to participate. The strike was supported by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D), who met with members of 350 Spokane during the demonstration. 3

Amid protests and riots that occurred following the death of George Floyd, 350 Spokane reoriented much of its mission to focus on racial issues. 350 Spokane writes on its website that “the fight for climate justice is inherently an intersectional one,” and that being “actively anti-racist” is an important part of combatting climate change. 4


Rebecca MacMullan is the co-chair of 350 Spokane. Larry Luton is the other co-chair of 350 Spokane and a retired professor, who taught public administration at Eastern Washington University. 5

Fawna Slavik is the treasurer and a board member of 350 Spokane. Brian Henning-Henning is on the board of 350 Spokane and is an environmental studies professor at Gonzaga University. 6

David Camp is on the board of 350 Spokane and owns the marketing services firm Camp Creative. Patrick McCormick is a board member of 350 Spokane. 7

Judy Fitzpatrick is a board member and volunteer coordinator for 350 Spokane. Trenton Miller is the secretary and a board member of 350 Spokane. 8

Angela Campobasso is a board member of 350 Spokane. Emily Grant is a board member of 350 Spokane. 9


350 Spokane is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. None of its financial information is publicly available because it reports gross receipts less than $25,000. 10


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  1. Green New Deal (GND)
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