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350 NYC (sometimes styled 350NYC) is a child organization of, a left-of-center environmentalist organization that advocates for a complete elimination of the use of fossil fuels. According to 350 NYC’s donations processor, it is a fiscally sponsored project of the California-based left-of-center nonprofit the Social Good Fund. [1]


In September 2019, 350 NYC helped organize a Global Climate Strike protest in New York City. Individuals left work and school. Thousands of protestors participated in anticipation of the United Nations Climate Summit to show support for left-of-center environmentalist policy. [2]

350 NYC provides a guide for how activists can pressure the media to portray severe weather events as effects of human-caused climate change. The guide also instructs activists to pressure the media to use specific environmentalist terminology to make this association and to encourage the implementation of environmentalist policy as a solution. [3]

350 NYC publicly supported New York state’s Climate and Community Protection Act as a step towards implementing the far-left Green New Deal. The act mandates that New York implement mass infrastructure changes to eliminate carbon emissions by 2030. [4]

350 NYC advocates for total divestment from conventional fuel companies. The group has pushed New York City pension funds to divest $4 billion dollars from energy investments. 350 NYC has also campaigned to demand that banks stop financing fossil fuel companies, and has advocated in support of a New York City ban on conventional refrigerants. [5][6][7]


350NYC was founded in 2011 by environmentalist activist and film producer Lyna Hinkel. She also co-founded and sat as a chair for the Fossil Free NYC Divestment Campaign from 2012 to 2018. [8]


According to a notation on the page of its donations processor, 350 NYC is a sponsored project of the Social Good Fund. It is not classified as an independent nonprofit organization and accepts donations through the Social Good Fund.  The Social Good Fund is a left-of-center nonprofit organization that funds a number of activist organizations. [9]


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  1. Green New Deal (GND)
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