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Surus Illinois is a for-profit startup company that engages and communicates with voters in support of Republican campaigns across Illinois. 1


Surus Illinois is comprised of conservative activists who include entrepreneurs, political staffers, and former candidates. Surus Illinois intends to share that passion and galvanize citizens to elect more Republican and conservative candidates while rebuilding the state Republican Party. 2

Surus Illinois provides innovative services to campaigns and causes that support the ideals of free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and fiscal conservatism. 3 Its Surus Operating System offers access to the technology, data, insights, and tools necessary to build strong and effective campaigns. 4

The Surus Illinois Battle Program supports Republican organizations in Illinois counties and townships by providing data, technology, insight, and strategic direction. 5


SurusDH LLC was registered in the State of Illinois in 2019. 6


Marko Sukovic is a co-founder of Surus Illinois. Sukovic sits on the Emerging Leaders Council of the Steamboat Institute and formerly worked with Turning Point USA to establish chapters across the U.S. 7 Sukovic is the chair of the Vernon Township Republican Organization. 8

Barrett Davie is a co-founder of Surus Illinois and was a Republican candidate for Illinois State Senate in 2018. 9


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