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Evanston, Illinois


Left-of-center for profit critical race theory consulting firm


Gilo Kwesi Logan

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Logan Consulting Services, LLC is a consulting firm founded by Gilo Kwesi Logan, a professor of diversity and social justice, as the legal entity through which he provides consulting and educational services to corporations, non-profits, schools, and government organizations. These trainings are focused on a variety of leadership and personal development skills, as well as “diversity, equity, and inclusion” and other critical race theory-aligned social principles. 1

Founding and History

After returning from working abroad for seven years, Gilo Kwesi Logan founded Logan Consulting Services in 2004. The firm has worked with a variety of different clients, including fortune 500 companies, schools, universities, and nonprofits. 2

Critical Race Theory and Left-of-Center Ideology

Logan Consulting Services is influenced by critical race theory and the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” movement. Logan is a professor of diversity and social justice, and his website has numerous blog posts discussing racial and diversity issues. 3

One blog post, which is simply attributed to the firm, address “microaggressions” and breaks them into further categories, such as “microinsults,” “microassaults,” and “microinvalidations.” The post encourages readers to reflect on their own biases, and to challenge microaggressions. It also suggests that it may be helpful to establish an anonymous tip line so that people in an organization can report microaggressions that they have witnessed. 4

In another post, Logan encourages companies to consciously develop strategies to “develop a culture of racial equity” that measures racial equity, utilize “racial equity recruitment strategies,” and develop accountability systems. Logan encourages readers to utilize his services to develop a training plan. 5

In response to the spree of Asian massage parlor shootings that occurred in March of 2021, Logan encouraged an “intersectional” approach to fighting against racism and stated that an “Orientalist fetishization of Asian women” pervades “White Male America.” He also attributed the shooting to “the purity culture of the strict White evangelicalism” of the perpetrator and said that White evangelicalism and beliefs about sexual morality lead to “insidious” beliefs based in supremacy and power—thus, implying that Evangelical beliefs are a roadblock to achieving an equitable society. 6


As a private company, Logan Consulting Services does not provide publicly accessible financial filings to the IRS. However, public records indicate that the firm was paid $23,550 by the Evanston/Skokie School District 65 in Illinois to develop curriculums to teach students about the “N word.” 7 8


Logan Consulting provides speaking services, seminars, coaching, and consulting services to both individuals and businesses. These services are geared towards regular management and leadership issues, but also things such as “creating an organizational culture of racial equity,” “implicit bias,” and “micro-inequities.” 9

Leadership and Staff

Gilo Kwesi Logan is the founder and primary consultant for Logan Consulting Services. His father was a bodyguard for Martin Luther King, Jr. Logan has a doctorate in Adult and Continuing Education and is a professor of Diversity and Social Justice at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. Classes he teaches include Diversity 101, Race and Ethnic Relations, Introduction of Social Justice, and Introduction to Inner City Studies. He is the author of the book Logan Uhuru Model of Self to SelfEthnic Liberatory Transformation, which was also his doctoral dissertation. 10 11

After living and working in 23 countries over the course of seven years, Logan returned to the U.S. and founded Logan Consulting Services. This firm has worked with a wide range of companies and groups, including Fortune 500 Companies, universities, nonprofits, and law enforcement, with a focus on diversity, inclusivity, and cultural intelligence. 12


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