Gender Diversity



For-profit organization

Executive Director:

Aiden Key

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Gender Diversity is an organization that provides transgender related lectures, seminars, and publications for K-12 educational institutions, corporate workplaces, and health care providers. 1


Gender Diversity was founded by transgender activist Aiden Key. 2 Key helped organize the first “Family Conference for caregivers of gender-diverse children & teens” in 2007 with the Gender Spectrum Charitable Fund, commonly referred to as Gender Spectrum. 3


Gender Diversity promotes the book Trans Children in Today’s Schools, 4 written by Gender Diversity founder Aiden Key. 5 The book promotes itself as a resource on how to approach school leaders, teachers, and community members for parents who seek to support a transgender identity for their children. 6 The book is also framed as a resource for education systems that seek to advance pro-transgender positions. 7

Other examples of publications produced by Gender Diversity include Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, a 649-page guide designed as resource for communities and parents that seek to support the well-being of their transgender children. 8 The funds from the sale of the publication are used to support a non-profit organization by the same name, Trans Bodies 9 ,which in turn promotes free copies of the book and produces other transgender related publications. 10

K-12 Trainings

Gender Diversity’s K-12 trainings aim to persuade education systems that are generally not opposed to transgender students to becoming active supporters of transgender activism. 11

The provides education systems with guidance on how to implement policies supportive of transgender students’ desires relating to inclusion in bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports. 12 In addition to policy implementation, Gender Diversity provides education systems with  guidance on how to interact with parents who oppose such policies; guidance on how to resolve conflict with teachers, staff, or administrators who oppose such policies; and guidance on how to develop age-specific classroom instructions to ensure that other students comply with such policies. 13

Corporate Trainings

Gender Diversity’s corporate trainings guide businesses on how to develop gender transition programs for their employees; how to implement bathroom usage, dress code, health insurance, and other corporate policies desired by transgender employees; and guidance on legal obligations employees have toward transgender employees. 14


Gender Diversity is led by its founder, transgender activist Aiden Key, who transitioned from female to male in 1999. 15 Key holds a bachelor’s degree from Antioch University. 16


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