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    PolicyLink is a left-of-center nonprofit organization that seeks to increase entitlement spending, increase public participation in government-controlled health care and entitlement programs, and oppose election integrity laws. Finances In 2018, PolicyLink received $10,219,323 in contributions
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    People for the American Way (PFAW)

    People for the American Way is a left-of-center advocacy group formed in 1981 by liberal Hollywood television producer Norman Lear, ostensibly to oppose the conservative principles espoused by Christian conservative televangelists.
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    NoVo Foundation

    The NoVo Foundation is the private foundation controlled by Peter Buffett, son of investor and left-of-center philanthropist Warren Buffett, and Peter’s wife Jennifer. Warren provided the initial donation of 350,000 shares of Berkshire Hathaway valued at $1,000,000,000.
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    National Immigration Forum (NIF)

    The National Immigration Forum (NIF) was established in 1982 to advocate for immigrants in the United States. The organization advocates for granting legal status to most illegal immigrants already in the United States and staunchly opposes border enforcement policies. The organization also promotes naturalization and learning English. Background Rick Swartz,
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    Make the Road New York (MRNY)

    Make the Road New York (MRNY) is a New York-based community organizing group focused on immigrant communities with ties to immigration expansion and labor union movements that receives substantial funding from government sources.
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    Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

    The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (LCCRUL) is a left-of-center organization of attorneys formed after a request from President John F. Kennedy to support federal civil rights initiatives following a federal integration order for the University of Alabama in 1963 and subsequent protest marches in Mississippi.
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    Human Rights Campaign

    The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is the nation’s largest LGBT-interest activist organization and a prominent force in left-of-center politics. Together with the affiliated Human Rights Campaign Foundation charitable arm and super PAC, HRC has built relationships with powerful mostly Democratic Party politicians and major corporations, and has taken a
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    Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

    The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is a nonprofit environmental group known for its advocacy for public policies concerning global warming and a left-wing political agenda. Since the EDF was founded in 1966, it has grown into a behemoth $150 million per year environmental action organization with twelve offices across the
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    Educational Foundation of America (EFA)

    Educational Foundation of America (EFA) is a major left-of-center grant maker that funds environmentalist, educational, and voter-mobilization initiatives. EFA purports to be a family foundation that aims to create a society with “an inclusive democracy,” in which each person has “unrestricted access to full reproductive freedom” and lives on a
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    Dustin Moskovitz

    Dustin Aaron Moskovitz is an American Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes. In 2008, he left Facebook to co-found Asana with Justin Rosenstein. Moskovitz and his wife, former Wall Street Journal reporter Cari Tuna, are the founders
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    William J. Brennan Center for Justice

    William J. Brennan Center for Justice (Brennan Center) is a self-described “liberal” 1
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    William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

    The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (also known as the Hewlett Foundation) is a private foundation established in 1966 by Hewlett-Packard co-founder William R. Hewlett, his wife Flora, and his son Walter.
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    Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)

    The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based activist group that uses science policy and climate change to advocate for left-of-center policies. As an activist organization, UCS began in the late 1960s with opposition to the Vietnam War and U.S. nuclear weapons testing, later coming to oppose peaceful
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    Mangrove Foundation

    The Mangrove Foundation is a subsidiary of the Atlantic Philanthropies, a private foundation created in 1982 by Irish-American businessman Chuck Feeney. The Atlantic Philanthropies focuses its giving on health, social, and politically left-of-center public policy causes in Australia, Bermuda, Ireland, South Africa, the United States, and Vietnam. A philanthropic
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    Rockefeller Family Fund

    The Rockefeller Family Fund is the nonprofit organization supporting the philanthropy of the great-grandchildren of John D. Rockefeller and the grandchildren of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. The “cousins,” as Rockefeller Jr.’s grandchildren came to be known, were major supporters of left-wing counterculture causes as early as the 1960s.
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    Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC)

    Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC or ROC-United) is one of the nation’s most prominent “worker centers,” labor-union-like organizations backed by union organizing know-how and left-of-center foundation funding. An outgrowth of a mutual-aid organization for the surviving unionized employees of the Windows on the World restaurant destroyed in the September 11th
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    NEO Philanthropy

    NEO Philanthropy (formerly Public Interest Projects) is a New York-based nonprofit that serves as a fiscal clearinghouse for left-of-center causes. The group serves as a vehicle for center-left foundations to pool resources, hosts donor-advised funds, and sponsors various liberal projects.
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    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

    Founded in 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. Over its 100+ year history The NAACP has grown exponentially to what is now a network of more than 2,200 affiliates covering all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Japan
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    International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT)

    The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), commonly shortened to Teamsters, is one of the nation’s largest private-sector labor unions. Principally representing employees in the trucking, railway, and airline industries, the Teamsters union has over 1.2 million members.
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    Public Citizen

    Public Citizen, Inc. is a liberal 501(c)(4) lobbying and advocacy organization created by left-wing activist and former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader.1 The organization supports a broad