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    Established in 2012, VoteRiders is a left-of-center nonprofit organization based in Southern California that supports voters, especially voters from left-leaning demographic groups, in obtaining valid voter identification. Framed as a charitable organization, VoteRiders provides free voting resources and services, including guides to state voter identification laws and one-on-one voter registration
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    Jennifer Flanagan

    Jennifer “Jenny” Flanagan is a left-of-center activist who previously served as Deputy Secretary of State for Colorado, a position she held from January 2019 until approximately early March 2020. Flanagan specializes in election policy and is the former vice president of state operations in Colorado for Common Cause, a
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    Trusted Elections Fund

    The Trusted Elections Fund is a funding collaborative for center-left donors to coordinate grants to advocacy nonprofits ahead of the 2020 election. The Fund is a project of the New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created and managed by Arabella Advisors, a Washington, DC-based for-profit consultancy that caters
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    Keystone Votes

    Keystone Votes is a coalition of groups that promote making substantial changes to Pennsylvania’s election system. The organization was established in November 2015 as Keystone Votes-The Coalition for Modern Elections. 1 Keystone Votes advocates four substantial changes to
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    Next Century Cities

    Next Century Cities (NCC) advocates for expanding high-speed broadband internet access within communities and for shrinking the “digital divide.” NCC is a project of New Venture Fund, a funding and fiscal sponsorship nonprofit managed by left-leaning consulting firm Arabella Advisors.
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    Unite Virginia

    Unite Virginia is the Virginia affiliate of Unite America, a left-of-center election policy advocacy group based in Denver, Colorado. The group advocates for  changes to Virginia’s congressional redistricting process, ranked choice voting, and expanded vote-by-mail systems.
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    Robert R. McCormick Foundation

    The Robert R. McCormick Foundation (previously known as the McCormick Tribune Foundation) is a Chicago-based grantmaking organization which funds entities mainly covering journalism and freedom of speech issues, primarily in Illinois. The organization is one of the largest private grantmaking organizations in the country and held assets of $1.25 billion
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    Clean Elections Texas

    Clean Elections Texas is a left-of-center nonprofit organization that advocates for policy that restricts campaign speech under the guise of campaign finance reform and government funding of political campaigns. 1 It is a member of
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    California Clean Money Campaign

    The California Clean Money Campaign (CCMC) is an advocacy group that supports left-of-center campaign finance policies, including proposals to require advertisements to disclose major donors like the 2016 Voters’ Right to Know Act, a proposed state constitutional amendment that did not qualify for the ballot. CCMC is funded by
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    Center for Secure and Modern Elections (CSME)

    The Center for Secure and Modern Elections (CSME) is a left-of-center advocacy organization created as a project of the New Venture Fund, a leading “dark money” pass-through funder and fiscal sponsor, to promote sweeping changes to the elections process, including state laws that automatically register voters at state agencies.
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    Virginia Mercury

    Virginia Mercury is a left-leaning state-focused news website founded in 2018. While it claims to produce non-partisan news coverage, it selects topics of interest for a left-of-center readership and writes them from a left-of-center perspective.
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    Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

    Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was a radical-left student organization often credited as the main force that created the New Left. It existed from 1960 until its demise in 1969, when it split apart after a Maoist SDS group affiliated with the Progressive Labor Party was expelled by a
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    Marty & Dorothy Silverman Foundation

    The Marty and Dorothy Silverman Foundation is a private grantmaking foundation established by the late entrepreneur Morris “Marty” Silverman. The foundation disburses grants to academic, Jewish, and veterans causes, along with programs for children and the elderly.
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    Durfee Foundation

    Founded by R. Stanton and Dorothy Avery with a donation of a portion of the wealth generated from the Avery-Dennison company they founded, the Durfee Foundation funds sabbaticals for non-profit leaders, provides support for innovators’ efforts to solve Los Angeles-area community problems, aids students and communities in scientific research of
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    National Vote at Home Coalition

    The National Vote At Home Coalition is the lobbying arm of the National Vote at Home Institute; together, the organizations are known as Vote at Home. The National Vote at Home Coalition works to lobby for the nationwide adoption of a mail-balloting system through the regulatory and legislative processes.
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    National Vote at Home Institute

    Vote At Home, a trade name for the National Vote at Home Institute and its affiliated National Vote at Home Coalition, is an advocacy organization that pushes for a nationwide vote-by-mail electoral system. 1 The
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    March for Truth

    March for Truth is a left-of-center coalition of activist groups that have rallied and lobbied in support of investigations into alleged 2016 Trump campaign improprieties and in support of President Donald Trump being impeached and removed from office. The group originally organized a series of marches in cities across the
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    Foundation for Civic Leadership

    The Foundation for Civic Leadership is an incubator for left-leaning voter engagement programs. Its founder and president is Ian Simmons, a longtime Democratic donor and a co-founder of Blue Haven Initiative, an investment firm which uses returns to fund left-leaning social policy.
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    Census Counts 2020

    Census Counts 2020 is a project of the Leadership Conference Education Fund, the 501(c)(3) component of Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, a left-of-center civil rights-focused political advocacy group which has staunchly opposed President Donald Trump. The program aims to increase participation among demographic groups likely to
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    Johnson Family Foundation

    The Johnson Family Foundation is a New York City-based left-of-center private grantmaking organization. It is also known as the Thomas Phillips and Jane Moore Johnson foundation. Until 2000, the foundation’s giving was oriented more towards education and religious philanthropic causes. But since then, the foundation has become a major contributor