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  • Non-profit

    Common Cause Texas

    Common Cause Texas is the Texas state branch of Common Cause, a left-of-center advocacy organization. Common Cause Texas lobbies for changes to the Texas judicial-selection process, campaign finance laws, and election laws. The organization’s executive director said he was “really concerned about violence at the polls” prior to the
  • Non-profit

    Common Cause Education Fund

    The Common Cause Education Fund is the 501(c)(3) partner organization of Common Cause, an influential and controversial 501(c)(4) advocating for left-of-center causes headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Common Cause Education Fund exists to raise tax-deductible dollars from liberal donors and foundations that can be used to support the progressive
  • Non-profit

    Common Cause

    Common Cause is a 501(c)(4) progressive advocacy group focusing on campaign finance law, so-called “fair redistricting,” and general liberal policy. Common Cause describes itself as “a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to restoring the core values of American democracy, reinventing an open, honest and accountable government capable of solving today’s challenges
  • Non-profit

    Common Crawl

    Common Crawl is a nonprofit which maintains an open repository of “crawled” internet data. The group makes the information which it crawls from the internet free and open to researchers. Some news outlets began demanding that the group not crawl their websites because of the group’s role in training artificial
  • Political Party/527

    Alliance for Common Sense

    Alliance for Common Sense is a political organization founded by the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) to support the re-election of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D). The Alliance sponsored several ads in 2022 that attacked the Republican candidate Tim Michels, claiming he was too radical and divisive for
  • Non-profit

    Common Justice

    Common Justice is a Brooklyn-based criminal justice advocacy organization that promotes efforts to defund the police and end the incarceration of criminals, including violent felons. 1 The
  • Non-profit

    Common Good Iowa

    Common Good Iowa is a left-of-center advocacy organization that advocates increased social welfare spending in Iowa. The organization opposes cutting Iowa’s state income tax, claiming that tax cuts would benefit the wealthy and lead to draconian cuts in Iowa’s welfare spending.
  • Non-profit

    Vote Common Good

    Vote Common Good is an left-leaning voter advocacy and education group focused on religious voters. Founded in 2018 by longtime liberal evangelical activist Doug Pagitt, Vote Common Good was explicitly founded to oppose the policies of the Trump administration.
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    Common Sense Institute

    The Common Sense Institute (CSI) is a non-partisan, public-policy think tank that intends to protect and promote Colorado’s economy using principles that support free markets, individual freedom, and individual opportunity. 1 CSI is
  • Non-profit

    Commonwealth Fund

    The Commonwealth Fund is a health care policy-focused private foundation. It funds research on and advocacy for health care systems, frequently taking a left-of-center perspective on state intervention in the medical system
  • Other Group

    Rally for Common Ground

    Rally for Common Ground is a left-wing organization which helps organize protests and events promoting left-wing environmental causes.1
  • Non-profit

    Common Dreams

    Common Dreams is a left-wing nonprofit news organization which frequently publishes news and opinion pieces with a left-of-center perspective. 1 Though the organization claims to maintain editorial independence by refusing corporate and government funding, Common Dreams explicitly
  • Non-profit

    Children’s Advocacy Institute (CAI)

    Children’s Advocacy Institute (CAI) is an academic, research, and advocacy organization established at the University of San Diego (USD) focused on children’s issues. It advocates at the state and federal levels for improvements to the child protection and foster care systems and addresses issues concerning child abuse and sexual exploitation,
  • Other Group

    A More Perfect Union: The Jewish Partnership for Democracy

    A More Perfect Union: The Jewish Partnership for Democracy is a coalition of left-of-center Jewish advocacy organizations that hopes to mobilize 10,000 American Jewish organizations during the 2024 election cycle. 1
  • Non-profit

    Unheard Voices Outreach (UVO)

    Unheard Voices Outreach (UVO) is a left-of-center criminal justice advocacy organization founded by former prisoner Rahim Buford focused on support for the previously incarcerated and decreasing incarceration rates. UVO claims that the root problem of mass incarceration is racism and “felonism,” defined as discrimination against felons.
  • Other Group

    Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV)

    Students Learn Students Vote (SLSV) is a nationwide voter education and activation network focused on college student voter participation. 1 Though SLSV describes itself as nonpartisan, its leadership is aligned with the Democratic Party,
  • For-profit

    TrueGivers, LLC

    TrueGivers, LLC, is a mailing service company that provides database services to nonprofits and other customers. 1 In recent years, its TrueNCOA service has been used by election integrity activists to identify potential issues with
  • Non-profit

    Latino Policy Institute (LPI)

    Latino Policy Institute (LPI) advocates on state legislation and conducts research and education to advance left-of-center and Latino-focused interests within the state of Rhode Island. 1 The organization claims credit for expanding health coverage
  • Other Group

    North Carolina NAACP

    The North Carolina NAACP is a civil rights organization and a state conference of the national NAACP that was founded in 1940.  North Carolina at one point had the largest state NAACP conference in the United States.
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    Campbell Foundation

    The Campbell Foundation is a left-of-center grantmaking organization that primarily supports environmentalist organizations focused on issues relating to the Chesapeake Bay and environmentalist organizations on the West Coast. 1 The organization contributes to numerous local chapters of the